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Needed: pictures from the 1920s-early 1980s, pictures of people not yet represented on the site and really good Kianu group pics. You can e-mail pictures to Not all pictures can be posted.

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Pictures by year:


Chi Alpha Nu Recruitment video


2009-2010 composite

Senior Induction: April 25
Taco Bar: the classes of 2011, 2012, & 2013 cooked for the class of 2010
Underclassmen singing to seniors
Picture of alumnae inductees: with alumnae officers Mary Diamond, Devon Stokes, and Rebecca Shorter

Pledge Class 2010
Informal activation


Alums pouring over old photo album
Bethany Drake & Devon Stokes
Dan & Margot (future Kianu) Shorter
Princesses & pirates station set up for kids
Super Kianus
Kianu cake
Hanging out in the meeting room
Carrie Busby '94, Jen Bronner '97, Alissa Polito '10, Sharea Smith '11: Family tree picture covering 11 generations

2009 Pledge Class
Pledge Day
Activation- with letters

Jen Buskirk Erving's wedding to Alex: Kianus at the wedding
Northwest Kianus at the Zoo Event (July 12): L-R: Michele Sheets '99, Sara Barabash '98, Mandy Cox Bidinger '97, Jennifer Schultice Bronner '97, Dorie Birtcher Backus '57, and Melissa Sullivan Boyers '89
Alainna Amicone '06 Durfee wedding: June 6, 2009
TGIKianu (February): Columbus area alums
Misty Smith's '96 February 14th wedding to Trey MacKay- Muskies in attendance L to R: Dave & Christine (Crkvenac) Gass, Heather (Worthen) & Dave Hendrix, Ellie Johns, Misty (Smith) & Trey MacKay, Katina (Blackburn) & Doug Campbell, Susan (Montgomery) McDonald, and Marlene Wilson


Homecoming: October 18-19
Kianu alumnae after the meeting
Class of 1998 Kianus who returned for the MC class meeting
Megan O'Brien Slater '98 after putting the 1997-1998 composite up in the meeting room
The Kianu class of 1998 donated money to have the middle room dedicated to their class for three years- Heidi Fought, Mary Nader Diamond, Sara Barabash, and Ruth Connell represent the class in this picture
Sara Barabash, Jen Bronner, and Mary Diamond: at the alumni happy hour

Mae-Ning Toth-Baker '04 and Tyler Baker wedding: June 14
Mae-Ning and Tyler
Kianus at wedding: Megan Seeger, Stephanie Flammang, Mae-Ning, Margo Toth ('72), Jessica Sonnen-Danze
Singing to the bride

Barrett (Robertson '06) and Tommie Ault wedding: May 3rd
Barrett and Deidre Hauenstein '06
Tommie and Barrett

Pledge Day
Pledge class after rushing the hill
Pledge class 2008!

New Crest- located on front of the House
Girls' Weekend at Cherry Valley Lodge in Newark: Sara Barabash '98, Kelli DelGuzzo '96, Mary Diamond '98, Jen Bronner '97, and Dori Hartzler '96
Kianus and their sons: Cari (Youngen) Edwards ('05 Big Sis) and Owen at his first birthday with Logan (Hastings) Wagers ('06 little sis) and Kristopher (18 months)


Shannon Riffey Bina's wedding (December 8th)
Kianus at the wedding
Shannon Riffey ('00) and Ben Bina
Riffey and her bridesmatrons
The cakecutting
The Kianu formerly known as Riffey

Homecoming (October 26-27)
At football game: Danielle Fadeley '98, Amy (Harris '99) Yamokoski, and Nicole (Curtis '99) Lacy with son Owen
XAN seniors on the float
At the XAN Alum meeting: Amy (Harris) Yamokoski '99, Tammie (Daviso) Habbyshaw '97, Kelli (Coleman) DelGuzzo '96
XAN Alum meeting: Tessa Carrel '97 and Maria Kalis '95
Class of '97 reunion meeting: Tammie (Daviso) Habbyshaw, Jen (Schultice) Bronner, Jen (Strayer) Yapp - all '97 grads
Class of '97 reunion meeting: Mandy Cox Bidinger, Ellie Johns, Jen Schultice Bronner, and Mary Long Hoover
Class of '97 reunion meeting: Jill (Homko) Butts and Ellie Johns
Class of '97 reunion: Caitlin, Jason '97 and Mandy (Cox) Bidinger '97
On XAN porch: Tammie (Daviso) Habbyshaw, Tessa Carrel, Jen (Strayer) Yapp and Jill (Homko) Butts - all '97 grads
In front of house: Jen (Strayer) Yapp and Tammie (Daviso) Habbyshaw
In the house: Tessa Carrel, Shala (Lyons) Zemba, Jill (Homko) Butts, Jen (Strayer) Yapp, Tammie (Daviso) Habbyshaw
Alumni Happy Hour: Row 1: Jen (Strayer) Yapp '97, Lisa (Fisher) Miller '97 Row 2: Shala (Lyons) Zemba '97, Tammie (Daviso) Habbyshaw '97, Tessa Carrel '97, Jill (Homko) Butts '97

80th Anniversary Celebration (March 24th)
Video Slideshow from event (if you're having trouble viewing- try the YouTube version)
Group Picture
The Beyeler Family (with a poster of their missing Kianu relatives)
A table of Kianus
Riffey, Curtis, Amy, Ruth, and Kelly before dinner
Purple ribbons
Karr and Lindsay
Going out after the dinner
At Chances: Alainna, Amy, Ruth
Kelli, Mary, Bronner, Amber, and Sara
Mary, Amber, and Sara
Bronner and Kelli
Bronner and Amber

Activation (March 18th)
Abigail Shipley, Laura Koblenzer, Elizabeth Thomin, Jen Fletcher
A Kianu family: Jen Fletcher, Bonnie Whitt, Vanessa Panepucci

Pledge Day!!
Pledge Class
Whole Club
Alumnae group shot
Elyse Schumacher, Hallie Harmon, Alainna Amicone, Courtney Freeland
Nina Dutton and Keri Clapper
Sea of Yellow

Northwest Ohio Alumnae gathering (September): Row 1: Kelli Coleman '96 DelGuzzo, Kay Croxson '57 Silk, Ann Barrett '57 Miller, Becky Sampson '88; Row 2: Jen Schultice '97 Bronner, Sara Barabash '98, Allison Hammons '04 Adkins
Future Muskies: Mary Long Hoover '97 and her kids



Homecoming 2006: Proud to be a Kianu
Katie Bell, Susan Montgomery, and Misty Smith (all class of '96)
clockwise: Mark Banner, Misty, Venae and Katie (all class of '96)
Misty Smith '96 and Heather Worthen Hendrix '96
Aaron Karr (Kianu Tracy Karr's brother), Misty, Susan, and Aaron's wife
Angie May, Maria Kalis (XAN president 94-95), Katie Bell (XAN president 95-96) and Susan M. (class of '96)
Some class of '96 alums (Kianus and Deltas)
Ellie Johns, Katie, and Susan (all class of '96)
Megan Oliver '03, Mandy Ross '00, Ellie Johns '96, Misty Smith '96
Tricia K., Jayme W., Sadie L., Sarah H. (all class of '07)
Some members of Pledge Class 2003
Lou, Sarah, and Katie Synk
Sarah Morgan and Sarah Hughes
Group of XAN alums on Stag Hill
Alums on Stag Hill: Allison McGinnis '99, Shannon Riffey '00, Nicole Curtis '99, Amy Harris '99

Kelli Coleman DelGuzzo '96, Sara Barabash '99, Dori Miller Hartzler '96
Sara, Jen Schultice Bronner '97, Dori, and Kelli

Kimi (Heskett) Fowler wedding
: August 12, 2006
Kimi married fellow Muskie Michael Fowler in Vermilion, OH. There were quite a few Muskies and Kianus in attendance.


The class of 2006, from the front
The class of 2006, from the back

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Walk (April 29th)

Team Kianu
Sam Sibert, Deidra West, and Rachele Steck during the walk

Alumnae/Active gathering at Doc's (April 1st)

Group shot of actives at the house before the party
Alainna '06 and Ann Dimmerling '00
Alainna '06, Heather Henry '98 and Chelsey Fletcher '98
Alainna '06 and Becky Sampson '88
Alainna '06 and Kimi Kirkbride '86
Andi, Bobo, Alainna and Wangs


Activation: Pledge Class 2006 with their pledge educators in front row: Sarah Hughes '07 and Kasey Bates '08
Big Sis night: Pledge Class 2006
Family picture from big sis night: Casey Forgrave, Erin Gruber, and Kim Tackett
Pledges at Denny's: Keri Clapper, Kim Tackett, Deidra West and Alex Gaddis
Fun with the Ulster boys
Fun with the Ulster boys part two
Keri Clapper and Alainna
Stephanie Primmer, Deidra West, Amy Currier, Alainna Amicone, Bonnie Whitt
Karlye Himmelspach, Alainna Amicone, Keri Clapper, Elyse Schumacher
Nancy Fisher, Jaimee Herron, Alainna Amicone, Sarah Morgan

Rush and Pledge Day

Class of 2006 Seniors during rush
Rush skit: Sam Sibert and Chris Ridenour
Rush skit: Bekah Unkefer, Kara Kotarsky, Alainna Amicone, and Erin Gruber
Rush skit: Ashley Mason and Barrett Robertson
Pledge Day! 7am at McDonalds: Alainna, Hallie Harmon, Jayme Wellman, Courtney Freeland
Early morning XAN Club picture at McDonalds
Advisor Jen (Schultice '97) Bronner reading the list of pledge sister names
A Kianu Family: Courtney Freeland, Kimi Heskett, Alainna Amicone, Hallie Harmon
Alums Lori Torrens and Kimi Heskett
The 2006 pledge class!
Slip and Slide fun at the Stag house
Slip and Slide: part two
Pledge day fun
Pledge day fun: part two
Pledge day: Jayme Wellman
Pledge day: Katie Synk and Alainna
Muddy Kianus at the MACE house


2005-2006 composite
Kianus at Adi (Fawcett '00) Brent's wedding
(Aug. 4th): Jamie (Farmer) Kornokovich, Jenn (Segner) Filtz, Adi (Fawcett) Brent, Jeanne (Fierstos) Fawcett, Jessie Schaadt, and Carol Burlingame
Adi (Fawcett '00) and Steve Brent
Columbus Marathon Eve (Oct. 14th): Kianu marathoners (minus Natalie Bobo) and support crew: Heidi Fought '98, Ruth Connell '98, Molly Coleman '06, Jaala Cochran '05
XAN Alumni Lunch at Granville Inn (September '06)
Kianus at MC's Alumni Weekend: unknown, Phyllis (Ludwig) Huffman '61, Janet (Thompkins) Huszar '61, unknown, Ali '08, Myra '07, Alainna '06
Kianus at groundbreaking of the new Chess Center Union: Actives and Shirley Kimmel Wagner '51
A Kianu family: Grand-little Courtney, Little Hallie, Great Grand Little Elyse, Big Al, Little Mickey
Lil Sarah Hughes '07 and her big Lisa Laughlin '06 at a pledge party
Molly Coleman '06 and Sarah Hughes '07
"Aunt" Keri Clapper and "niece" Megan Haig
Ulster graffiti party: Ashley M., Sarah H., and Alainna A.


Cari Youngen's Wedding (to Matthew Edwards)

The couple on the Spoonholder
The wedding party at the reception
The newlyweds


Actives on the float
Kianus at the football game
Alainna singing with the seniors in the background at Varsity Review
Tiny psychic-Alainna, Jess Labs, Jlo and Deidre at Varsity Review
Kianu actives in skit gear at Varsity Review
A Stag shows Camden Yamokoski (son of Amy Harris Yamokoski '99) a baby pig
Amy and son Camden enjoy the football game
Group of Kianu alums and friends on stairs of Stag house
Ruth Connell '98 and Emily DeGarmo '99
Heather (Henry '98) Wallette and big sis Amber Wallace '99
Emily Kobel '01, Heather Wallette '98, and Ann Dimmerling '00
Ruth '98 and Amy '99
Riffey '00, Amber '99, Curtis '99
Columbus marathon finish line: the Sunday of Homecoming, Amy HY '99 and Heidi Fought '98 went to Columbus to cheer Ruth C. '98 (wearing orange) in the marathon

Open Party

Kianus before open party
Sarah Hughes '07 and big sis Lisa Laughlin '06
Alainna and Lou
Townhouse 2a girls

Marilynn (Klostermeyer '62) Murrell Wedding
: August 20th, 2005
Klosty and Joan (Loudon) Perkins '62 at the wedding
Joan Perkins, Bob Ransom '58, Carole (Klostermeyer '59) Roberts, Marilynn (Klostermeyer '62) Murrell

Erica (Bruno '04) Skidmore Wedding
: July 2, 2005
This was an Ulster/Kianu wedding, and there were many Muskies in attendance

Jenny (Rosenthal '99) Fishback Wedding
: June 11, 2005
Jessie Schaadt (XAN '02) was the maid of honor and there were several Muskies and Kianus in attendance

Wendy (Hamilton '01) Macke Wedding and Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party
Kianus before the wedding
Pam Long, Shannon Riffey, and Jamie Long
Wedding party: Stef Sigrist, Pam Long, Jamie Long, Wendy Hamilton, Jen Buskirk, Heidi Vanfossen, and Desiree (Zander) Peters
The wedding singer, Shannon Riffey, with Wendy
Kianus at the wedding


Kianu Team doing the MS Walk in Marietta
There were several Kianu groups that participated in Relay for Life: these included 158 and Friends, XAN House, The Kianu Annex Crew, the Kianu Girls, and the Arrows.
Relay for Life- Kianu Annex Crew: kayaking, group in bleachers, kayak two , group in front of tent, group with banner
Relay for Life- XAN House: with banner, disco ball , receiving silver award
Relay for Life- another XAN team (Kianu Girls?): Group picture, picture in tent
Relay for Life- 158 and Friends: Group shot: In front, Molly Coleman, Kimi Heskett, Jaala Cochran, Abby Smith (independent friend), and Tara Funk


New Actives

Spring Break in Panama

Alainna '06, Vanessa '05, and Kristi '06
Alainna '06, Kristi '06, Vanessa '05, Christina Gembar '06, and friend Maggie

Rush and Pledging

Big/Lil night: the pledge sisters
Pledge party: Erin Gruber ('06), Alainna Amicone ('06), Ashley Mason ('06) and Laura Hawn ('05)
Pledging- Lacey, Alli, Kasey, Court-May, Alainna, Bonnie, Ali...Hanging out at the house
Pledging- Hallie, Alainna, Bonnie
2003-04 Alumnae at Pledge Day 2005: Emily Tacosik '04, Megan Seeger '04, Megan Oliver '03, Sherry Guisinger '03
Pledge Day: Actives waiting for pledges to rush the hill
Pledge Day: group of actives with new pledge Maggie Kline
Pledge Day: Pledge Sisters- picture one
Pledge Day: Pledge Sisters- picture two
Pledge Day: Lining up in front of the house
Rush- The Seniors
Rush- after the first rush party

St. Patrick's Day

A Kianu Family: Sarah Hughes '07, Lisa Laughlin '06 and Elisha Twyman '05
Sarah Hughes '07, Sadie LePage '07, Amy Currier '07, Maggie Kline '07, Heidi Bowman '07, Erin Handley '07
Kianus on St. Patrick's Day : Steph Primmer ('06), Kristin Hart ('05), Bekah ('06), Kelly ('06), Tara Meredith ('06), Jess Labs ('06), Erin Gruber ('06), Casey Forgrave ('05) and Myra Enos ('07)

Ulster Graffiti Party

Sadie LePage '07, Deena Rini '07, Sarah Hughes '07, and Heidi Bowman '07
Maggie Flanagan '07 and Erin Gruber '06
Got Mullet?: Erin Lee '05, Jayme Wellman '08 (?), Maggie Flanagan '07, Hallie Harmon '07, Stephanie Primmer '06, Ashley Mason '06 and Erin Gruber '06
Chrissy Stragisher '08, Amanda Labbad '08, Lisa Laughlin '06, Erin Gruber '06 and Stephanie Primmer '06
Big Alainna and Little Hallie
Kianu Girls
Alainna and Chrissy


2004-2005 composite
Kianu House residents: 2005-2006
XAN family reunion in Zanesville: Mandy (Cox) Bidinger '97, Michele Sheets '99, Jamie (Farmer) Kornokovich '01, Lori Torrens '04, Laura Hawn '05, Maria Schierbaum '07
Senior pizza night at advisor Jen Bronner's house
Wangs, Charla, Felky, Chris, Shauna, Emily
Annex Girls-Alainna, Lisa, Chris, Emily, Charla, Bekah
Group of Kianu Girls at the Townhouses for LOU's 20th birthday
Mardi Gras with the Phi Tau boys
Spring break at Daytona Beach: Rachael Schumacher '06, Erin Gruber '06 and Ashley Mason '06



Actives with the Kianu Float
Kianus watching the football game
Girls hanging out at the house during Homecoming
Kianus at the bonfire
Heidi Bowman '07 and Sarah Hughes '07 at the bonfire
Half of the candidates for Homecoming Queen were Kianus: Ellie, Alainna, Kristi, Deidre, Christina
Alainna and Casey: cop act from Varsity Review

Jamie (Farmer '01) Kornokovich's wedding: July 3rd

Jamie, Michele Sheets '99 & Jamie's new husband Jimmy
Muskie group picture
Kianus singing to bride at the reception
XAN Family: Jamie, Lori Torrens & Michele Sheets

Megan (Unkefer '03) Lynch's wedding: June 12th

Megan and Allan
Stephanie Flammang, Jessica (McClure) Archer, Bekah Unkefer, Jessica Sonnen, Erica Bruno & Sarah O.
Kianus at the wedding

Jessica (McClure '04) Archer's wedding: June 19th
Jessica before walking down the aisle
Annex girls: Kelly Haga, Jessica Sonnen, Bride Jess, Megan Seeger, Mae-Ning Toth, Stephanie Flammang
Kianus at the wedding
Jessica with her new husband Andrew

Nicole (Curtis '99) Lacy's wedding: June 5th

Kianus at the wedding: Stacy Haley, Ruth Connell, Amy Yamokoski, Nicole, Kelly Kuhn, Emily DeGarmo, Shannon Riffey, and Danielle Fadeley
Nicole and groom Brian
The beautiful bride
Nicole and nephew Cooper (son of Stacey Curtis Haley- XAN '96)

Gus Macker Tournament in Zanesville: June 5-6

Juna (Pidgeon) Garber '00, Lindsay Larrick '00, Tracy Karr '00, and Dani (Kiefer) LaMonica '01 played on one team, and they played against another Kianu, Shauna Jellison '04. Two other Kianus, Leanne Quinn '07 and Charla Hall '06, were there to cheer on Shauna.
Group pic : Shauna, Juna, Dani, Lindsay, Tracy, Leanne, and Charla.
Lindsay and Karr
Juna and Karr

Graduation: May 9th, 2004
Graduating Kianu Seniors

Senior Road Rally: April 24, 2004
Charla, Jenn, Jessica, Bekah, Hallie, Megan (alumna), Jessica, and Amanda
Megan Workman, Amanda Sommer, Shauna Jellison, and Charla Hall
Group at Depot Apts.
Steph, Bobo and Charla
Bethany, Courtney, Charla and Bobo
Seniors before the Rally
Emily Tacosik, Megan Seeger, Jami Cooksey, Kim Yoder

Spring Break: Daytona Beach (18 Kianus went together)
Charla Hall, Alainna Amicone, Lisa Laughlin
Laying on the beach upon arrival (after driving 14 hours!)
8:30am-upon arrival at Daytona: Bethany, Lori, Charla, Alainna, Cheryl
XAN Seniors: Bethany Drake, Mindy Wirick, Amanda, Susan Melhorn, Cheryl Davies, Lindsey Ray
Daytona roommates: Lisa, Alainna, Andi, Lori, Katie, Suz, Cheryl
Bethany, Lori, and Susan
Twins: Sarah O and Susan
Top-Bethany, Charla, Amanda, Lindsey, Andi; Bottom- Courtney, Sarah O., Jenn and Mindy
10th floor Daytona Kianus
Amanda, Sarah O., Bethany, Charla, Court-may


"Babes in Shades, except for our president" (Lee was the 1968 XAN president) : Class of 1968 reunion in Breckenridge, Colorado: Lee Bacon Williams, Kathy Mertler Lynch, Robbie Slack Tupa, Fran Holekamp Boardman, Gwen Beard Turnbull, Elda McCoy, and Jan Beahm Feltz. Not pictured: Melinda Mariner Sloan
Class of 1962 reunion in Washington DC
; First row: Phyl (Knapper) Ross, Daryl (Sobehart) Ransom, Joan (Loudon) Perkins; Second row: Sue (Faris) Shadley, Marty (Brouwer) Grant, Sally (Steinhauer) Gripman, Marianne (Jackson) Uschelbec
Desiree (Zander) Peters wedding: Stef Sigrist'01, Pam Long '03, Jamie Long '01, Shannon Riffey '00, and Jen Buskirk '01
Baby shower for Holly (True) and Todd Shaver- both class of '93: Devon Stokes '92, Beth (Dolfi) Bailey '93, Holly (True) Shaver '93, Carol (Weimer) Morris '93, Jill (Schue) Cuthbert '93, Liza Grissett '93, Suzi (Reimold) Freeze '93
Viking Party: Courtney, Charla, Alainna, Hallie
Kianus hanging out: fall 2004
Multi-generational Kianu pic: Tami Fitzgerald (1981), Alainna Amicone (2006), and her mom Harriet (Kainaroi) Amicone (1980)- Harriet is Tami's XAN big sis.
XAN House cleanup: June 5th
Annex Fun
Woodstock '04 (XAN & STAG)
Stag's 1941 date party - Kristin & Sarah O.
XAN Seniors at Formal Activation
XAN Actives showing support for the troops at an Open Party
Alainna and Lisa (aka LUCY) Laughin
Alainna Amicone performed at Zaney Follies, and this is a picture of her with some of the Kianus who came to watch her perform: Chris Ridenour, Lisa Laughlin, Alainna, Hallie Harmon, Maggie Flannagan
Hawaiian Party: XAN roommates Emily Tacosik, Jami Cooksey, Kim Yoder (all class of 2004)
Some XAN seniors (2004): Stephanie Flammang, Jessica McClure, Megan Seeger, Jennifer McClure (Jessica's visiting twin), Emily Tacosik, Jami Cooksey, Bethany Drake, Kelly Haga, Kim Yoder

Big Sis Ceremony: February 19th, 2004
Family Picture: back: Emily Sollenberger, Lindsey Hughs, Kimi Heskett; middle: Chris Ridenour, Alainna Amicone; front: Christina Vagotis, Abby Douglas, Hallie Harmon
Family Picture: Jess Sonnen '04, Sarah O. '05, Emily Sollenberger '06, Christina Vagotis '07
Family Pic: L-R: Vanessa Panepucci ('05), Heidi Bowman ('07)- Vanessa's little, Andi Lukens ('05), Myra Enos ('07)- Andi's little, Cari Youngen ('03)
Family Pic: Top Row L-R: Andi Lukens, Cari Youngen, Vanessa Panepucci; Bottom Row: Myra Enos, Heidi Bowman
Family Pictures: Emily Tacosik '04, her little Rachel Graham '05, and Rachel's little Deidre Hauenstein '06: pic one | pic two
Extended family picture: (bottom) Rachel Graham '05, Emily Tacosik '04, Deidre Hauenstein '06, Molly Coleman '06, (top) Marianne Main '05

Pledge Day: January 24th, 2004
Waiting for pledges on the Stag hill
Waiting for the pledges inside the house


Kiersten Geiger '99, Ann Dimmerling '00, Heather (Henry) Wallette '98
Kiersten Geiger '99 and Heather (Henry) Wallette '98
Actives and alumnae at Varsity Revue
Lisa Laughlin, Alainna Amicone, and Ashley Mason before Varsity Revue
Nicole Curtis '99, Alainna Amicone '06, Ruth Connell '98, and Amy HY '99
Alumnae at the house after the football game
Alumnae in front of the house after the meeting
Nicole Curtis '99, Ruth Connell '98, Amy HY '99, Michele Sheets '99

Senior Road Rally
2003 Seniors before Road Rally
Alainna Amicone, Barrett Robertson, and Megan Workman at the Dr.'s Lounge
Kyla Tirtonegoro, Marianne Main, Jess Coleman and Abbey Hartmeyer (all class of 2005)
Jaala Cochran, Bethany Drake, Amanda Sommer, and Kimi Heskett sit back and let all of the fun soak in...

Hawaiian Party

Alainna Amicone, Rachael Schumaker, Anita Domingez, Jaala Cochran, Barrett Robertson
Mae Ning Toth '04, Stephanie Flammang '04, Natalie Bobo '04, Kelly Haga '04, Jessica Sonnen '04, Erin Guyer '03
Erin Guyer '03, Kelli Kinsey '03 and Megan Oliver '03


Final Rush Party: all Kianus (minus RAs, Rho Chis, etc.)
Graduation: the Annex girls
Kianus hanging out
Some Kianus at the MACE Halloween party
XAN Fall Formal: Kristi Hensley, Erica McDaniel, Vanessa Panepucci, Christina Gembar, and Kristin Hart
XAN Fall Formal: Chris Ridenor and Alainna Amicone
Cleveland-area alum gathering: L-R: Shirley Kimmel Wagner '51, Becky Sampson '88, Pat Lewis Stevenson '52, Gerri Bowater Woodruff '53, Melissa Crawford Molter '94, Elizabet (Betty) Sherwood Peterjohn '54, Jan Stevenson Milazzoto '75, Lorian Vogt Thomas '47, Patricia Keeser Prugl, Lynn Lilly '77 (not pictured Amy Harris Yamokoski '99)
Amy Fails wedding photo: all Kianus (she married MACE Brandt Baruxes): July 12, 2003
Alainna Amicone and Megan Seeger
Rachael Schumacher, Alainna Amicone, Ashley Mason
The Ground Floor Mem Kianus
Elspeth Jordan Holt '44 and husband Walter Holt (Stag)- at their anniversary celebration at Palmetto Palms
Pictures from the XAN House cleanup day: June 28th, 2003
Kianu alums at Cheesecake Factory, Columbus, OH: Susie Reimold '93, Jen Hall '92 and Devon Stokes '92
Alum Secretary Rebecca (O'Keefe) Shorter '92 and Amy (Schell) Krupp '92 were having a girls' night out in Toledo and got a guy to take this picture for them in front of JAlexanders.
Jeni Neal's wedding (class of 2002) to Justin King (May 3rd, 2003): running out of the church
Some Kianus at Jeni Neal's wedding: Kim (Fenik) Black '01, Erin Guyer '03, and Olivia (Dimmerling) Dolan '01
Activation: Pledge Class 2003
Alumnae Meeting in Columbus (March 22nd, 2003)
Pledge Class 2003!!!
Elisha Twyman, and Alainna Amicone in her mom's (XAN class of 1980) XAN shirt
Kristi Hensley and Alainna Amicone
Marianne Main and Alainna Amicone
Some Actives and 2003 Pledge Sisters at the House
Stag party: Alainna Amicone and Amanda Sommer
Final Rush Party: Alainna Amicone, Shauna Jellison, Megan Oliver
XAN Family: Top- Jessica Sonnen, Megan Unkfer, Erin Guyer, Allison Hammons; Middle- Sarah O., Mindy Wirick, Kimi Heskett, Christina Gembar, Lindsey Hughs; Bottom- Emily Sollenberger, Alainna Amicone, Chris Ridenour
Alainna Amicone, Charla Hall, and Casey Foregrave
80's party with Mace men- bottom left: Jen Feldkercher, Ellie Haubner; back: Alainna Amicone, Kara Bickford, Erica Bruno, Sarah Olesak, Chris Ridenour
Jessica Labs (2006) and her date Trent before XAN formal
Kianus at Phi Tau Mardi Gras party
Kappa Sig Valentine's Day Dinner: Sherry Guisinger '03, Josh Smith, Erin Guyer '03, and Mike Price

Pledge Day
Vanessa Panepucci, April Rader, and Sarah O. (all 2005)
Lisa Laughlin, Kristi Hensley and Alainna Amicone
Group shot outside
Group shot inside
It's getting hot in her- Kianus new and old at the House
Natalie, Kara, Karr, Kim, and Heidi
Happy Kianus outside the Mace house
Alum pres Bock and senior Kelli Kinsey


Kianu Fall Formal
Annex 2002 gals
Kristin Hart, Vanessa Panepucci, and Jessica Sonnen
Sarah O., April Rader, and Erin Guyer

Homecoming 2002

Devon Stokes '92, J.J. Morris Smith '92, Nikki Shaw Ball '92
Meredith Wyles Schenz (5 months pregnant!) '92, Sue Randle Irwin '92, Shannon Harmon '92 and Devon Stokes '92
Devon Stokes '92 and Bethany Drake '04
Amy Schell Krupp '92, Rebecca O'Keefe Shorter '92, Devon Stokes '92, Bill Mountcastle '92, Sue Randle Irwin '92 and Meredith Wyles Schenz '92

2002-2003 House Girls
In a Row

Pledge Day
Purple and Gold Seniors : Jodi Kusmer, Chrissy Button, Lisa Kidder, Amie Ramsey, Allison Zellers
Jeni Neal '03 and Erin Guyer '03

Pledge Formal
2002 Seniors before the formal
Vanessa Panepucci, Melissa Seeger and Emily Tacosik

Family Picture: Logan Hastings '04, Vanessa Panepucci '05 and Cari Youngen '03
Family Picture: Chrissy Button '02, Natalie Bobo '04, Kara Bickford '05
Jodi Kusmer, Amie Ramsey, Chrissy Button, Lisa Kidder, Allison Zellers

75th Anniversary Party (April 13th, 2002)
Class of 92 gals at 75th party: Devon Stokes, Stacey Paul, Rebecca O'Keefe Shorter, and Amy Schell Krupp
Rebecca '92 and Adi '00: Adi is Rebecca's Grand, Grand, Grand, Grand Lil Sis. They met at Homecoming '99.
Heidi Fought's Party pics: Juna '00 and Danielle '99; Allison '99 and Heidi '98
XAN family: Yoder '04, VanFossen '03, Hamilton '01, Karr '00, Button '02, Bobo '04, Bickford '05
Before, During, After
Karr's Random Party Pictures
Jeni Neal's Party Pictures
Lisa Kidder, Jodi Kusmer, and Amie Ramsey
2001-2002 House Gals
XAN family pic: Seeger '04, Neal '03, Scarcella '02, Buskirk '01, Mill '00, Lisa (Fisher) Miller '97
Post-party- Kianu alums and actives at Tumbleweeds
Early (post-party) breakfast: Suzzie, Jill, Carol, Devon, Amy, Dan, Eric, Rebecca, Angie, Liza, Beth, and Holly

Allison Zellers, Jodi Kusmer, Chrissy Button, Lisa Kidder, Amie Ramsey

2001-2002 composite
Phi Tau party: Jen Feldkercher, Shauna Jellison and Alainna Amicone
Cari and Logan
Amy (Harris '99) Yamokoski's wedding: September 14th, 2002
P and P party: pic one- Jaala Cochran, Kristin Hart, Kimi Heskett; pic two-Lori Torrens and Kimi Heskett
P and P party: Vanessa Panepucci, Logan Hastings, Jaala Cochran
Hanging out at the House
Hanging out at the House Part II
XAN Open Party: Renee Lowe, Jaala Cochran, Brittany Lauffer, Rachel Graham and Vanessa Panepucci
Kappa Sig/XAN 70's Party: Vanessa Panepucci, Rachel Graham, Renee Lowe, Brittany Lauffer and Jaala Cochran
XAN/Stag Picnic: Kristin Hart and Vanessa Panepucci
2002 Seniors before Senior Road Rally
Some Actives during Road Rally
Jeni Neal '03 and Katie Pieratt '03 hanging out


Bethany Drake '04 and Amber Sherman '01
A Kianu Family: Shauna Jellison '04, big sis Pam Long '03, grand-big Molly Fisher '01
Becky Sampson '88, Chelsey '98, and Bethany '04
Happy 75th Birthday Kianu!
Jodi, Dani, Bethany, Julie, and Jen

Pledge Day
Group of alums
Jen '00, Kiersten '99, Taci '00, Lindsay '00, Tracy '00 and Mandy '00
Alumnae Photo
Nicole '99, Harris '99, Riffey '00, Tracy '00, Allison '99, Lindsay '00
Actives on Pledge Day at the house
Actives at breakfast on Pledge Day
Actives waiting for pledges to rush the hill
2001 Pledges
Miss Em and McBurney
More XAN actives in purple and gold
More purple and gold actives
Megan Unkefer, Katie Mountain, and Jill Richards
At all-campus Pledge Day dance (Kacey Kackley, Emily Pieratt, Tricia Simpson, and Megan Unkefer)

Big Sis night- Pledging
A Kianu family (Back: Megan U, Allison F, Allison H, Steph S, Emily P; Front: Erin G., Danette A)
Some actives
Kim Yoder with eyes closed

Pledge Class 2001- new actives
A Kianu Family
Another Kianu Family (Cari, Logan, Lori C., Lori T, Jamie)

80's Party
Wendy Hamilton, Desiree Zander and Jamie Long
Kim Yoder and Jami Cooksey

Phi Tau Hillbilly Party
Susan M., Kelli Kinsey '03, Jessica McClure '04, Jen Amodeo '03

Kianu Christmas formal- Kelly Carskadden, Katie Bonnot, Erica Bruno and Susan Melhorn (all class of 2004)
Kianu Christmas formal-Stephanie Flammang, Lori Torrens, Cheryl Davies, Erica B. and Susan M. (all '04)
XAN formal
Pre-formal (Pam, Logan, Lori, Lori)
Kianus at Mace formal
Kianus at a different Mace formal- Sherry G, Erica B, Katie P, Cari Y, Allison H, Logan H

From the XAN alum meeting in Columbus, OH. (March 31st, 2001)
Nicole, Gretchen, Amy and Kelly
Small group photo
Large group photo
Kelly, Amy, and Heidi


2000-2001 composite
Graduation 2001: Jamie '01, Lindsay '00, Desiree '01, and Wendy '01
Dustin Humienny Blakeslee with new husband Patrick Blakeslee- Sept. 22nd, 2001 wedding
Kianus singing to Jen (Kelly) Share at her wedding- Sept. 22nd. 2001
Stef Sigrist and Christy Fisher - Spring Break '01
Emily, Lori, Lori, Logan
Mardi Gras party
Another Mardi Gras picture
Kianu faces


Family pic: Emily Feist '01, Devon Allen '03, Sara James '00
Family pic: Adrienne Nash and crew
Pledge Class 2000

P & P party
XAN gals- nice purple hair!

Riffey, Curtis, Pappas, Harris, Danielle, Dustin and Ruth

Halloween Party
Caity McCandless and Melissa Seeger- meow!
The happy meal gals: Pam Long, Megan Workman, Devon Allen
Dani Kieffer- as a table!

Pledge Day: Group of alums
Pledge Day: Big Sis Hayley Hook, Lil Sis Kelli Matthews
Seniors 2000- Group Photo
Big sis night: Lindsay Larrick, Jen Kelly, Shannon Riffey, Taci Mill (all class of 2000)
Formal pic
80's party- Kiersten, Jen Kelly, Gretchen
Senior road rally: Jen '00 and Shannon S. '00
Graduation 2000: Melissa Haines '01 and Jen Kelly '00



Pledge Day: the Seniors
Final Rush Party: the Seniors
Pledge Day: purple and gold group
Pledge Formal: Some 1999 Seniors
Senior Dinner: The 1999 XAN Seniors
Spring Semester on the porch Kristen, Mandy, Riffey, & Tiffany
Kappa Sigma/Kianu Tie Dye Party: How many Kianus can you fit in Johnny Merry's room?
Some of the 1998-1999 House Girls before jumping into the lake
Some of the 1998-1999 House Girls hanging out
Some Phi Taus make a surprise visit: Kianu house 1998-1999 girls and Phi Taus
The half-Kianu squad (that's 01-02 president Kidder on the bottom right)

The 1998-1999 Kianu President- Nicole Curtis
A Kianu family at activation

Hawaiian Party
President Nicole Curtis, Tim Kidder, Amy Harris, friend, and Taci Mill
Left to right-top to bottom: Wendy, Jamie, Kim, Becky, Lori, Sharon

Group skit- Varsity Revue
The Float
The Float (two)
Jamie, our top three homecoming queen representative
Jen and Kiersten


1997-1998 composite
Big Sis Ceremony: The 1998 Pledge Class
Big Sis Ceremony: A Kianu Family
Big Sis Night: Little Sis Jamie Long, Big Sis Danielle Fadeley
Pledge Formal: Kara Weibel '01, Amy Grezlik '99, Sara James '00, Emily Feist '01
Turkey Bowl: Ashleigh Claytor, Christy McBurney, and Jen Buskirk
Girls before the 1980s party
Mace formal: Lauren Blackstone, Emily Kobel, Jen Urycki and Desiree Zander
Mace formal: Michele Sheets and Amy Harris
Neely and Jami at Neely and Shannon's apt.
The 1997-1998 Kianu Seniors (minus RAs and RDs)
Ulster formal: Wendy, Jamie, Neely and Olivia


Kianus on Homecoming Court: Adrienne Nash, Adi Fawcett, Carol Burlingame, Jen Segner, and Lindsay Larrick
Big Kianu group
Small Kianu group
Shannon Snyder, Tiffanie Pappas, Nicole Curtis, Shannon Riffey and Taci Mill
Melissa Haines, Dannielle Reese, Jen Urycki, Shannon Snyder and Christy McBurney

Pledge Day
Breakfast at Chals
Some Kianu pledges (with actives in background)
The 1998 Juniors
Harris, Allison, Tiffanie, Gretchen and Emily
Pledge day eve- Adrienne and Mandy
Tessa, Dustin and Heather in the Penthouse
Good times
The 1998 pledges/ 2001 graduates!

Pledge Formal: the pledge sisters do their thing
Erin at Brighton's
Big Sis Night: Wendy, Karr, Desiree, Lindsay

Some new actives
XAN Family: Olivia Dimmerling, Jen Kelly, Amber Sherman, Sara Barabash, Lauren Blackstone, Shannon Riffey, Julie Cahill and Amy Harris
New additions to a Kianu family
Activation- another XAN family

Jami Stevens '98 and Amy Harris '99
Sara Barabash '98, Mary Nader '98, Jen Schultice '97, Amy Harris '99
Heidi F., Heidi W., Ruth and Weaver (president 97-98)

Winter Formal
Amber, Pappas and Hayley
Pre-Formal: Harris, Jen, Desiree, Jamie, Wendy
Neely, Wendy, Desiree, Jamie


Pledge Day
Pledge Class 1997
April Lanzolotti '97 and a muddy Amber Wallace '99
Group photo

A Kianu Family with their new additions
Karr, Lindsay, and Juna

The Float (we won 1st place that year, but can't really see float in this picture)
Sara and top-three Homecoming court representative Amy G.

Barn Bash
Steph, Trisha, friend, Amber, Bailey and Chelsey
Katie, Ruth and Danelle

Kianu / Kappa Sigma 1970s party

Groovy Baby
Preparty Group One
Preparty Group Two


1996-1997 composite
Hawaiian Party: Jen Schultice and Amy Harris
And the winners are... (Lip Sync Contest)
Pledge Formal: Julie Gallager '97, Amy Grezlik '99, Sara James '00
Pledge Formal: President Jen Strayer and Jen Sathe lead the line dance
Big Sis ceremony: Mary Nader and Jen Kelly


Pledge Day
The class of '96

Pledge Formal: Group shot
Angie Knisley, Amber Wallace, and Hayley Hook at Brighton's
Actives and Pledges at Brighton's
Pledge class of 1996 at Big Sis Ceremony
Heidi, Chelsey, Lisa & Hayley. Big Sis/Lil Sis Ceremony
Big Sis Christy Bonnot & Lil Sis Amber Wallace Big Sis/ Lil Sis Ceremony

The two Kianu reps for top-three Homecoming court: Jen and Kara
C. Ward and Ellie prepare for XAN skit


1995-1996 composite
Spring Break Panama City Beach, FL: Trisha, Erin, Amber, Christie and a bunch of Ulsters
3rd Floor Thomas Girls- Heaven and Hell Party
Christy, Amber, & Nicole - Heaven and Hell Party


Some 94-95 sophomores (class of 97)


Pledge Day- Group shot

The XAN Varsity Revue skit
The 1993 XAN Homecoming Queen- Beatty R.


1992-1993 composite

Pledge Day

Julianna (Brackman) McDuffie & Kari Callaher
Julianna (Brackman) McDuffie & Diane Mickey
Pledge Class 1993



Big Sis Carrie, Little Sis Rebecca
Pledge Day (clockwise from top left): Rebecca, Monica, Vickie, Danielle, Amy, Sarah, Missy -"All of these girls lived in Memorial Hall. Our RAs were Kianus too."
Pledge Night in Carrie's and Jo's room - Carrie, Sarah, Amy, Rebecca, Jo, Cathy, Janice, and Molly
New Actives in their pledge sweatshirts along with the rest of the sisters


Pledge Day
Breakfast at Whippage: Linda and Michelle
The new pledges!
Jo and Cathy
Happy pledges!
Betsy, Missi Lainhart (w/ MACE vase!), Lani and Denise on couch

Pledge Party-the entertainment!
Quarters- who's the winner?
Meeting time
Kianu faces from the late 1980s


Pledge Day Spring 1987
(Feb. 7th)
Michele Mountcastle, Barb Huffman, Lisa DePasquale
Jodi Elliott, Brenda Raber, Barb Huffman, Kathy Ferda
Cathy Mitchell, Michele Mountcastle, Brenda Bunting, Kathy Ferda, Leslie Ott
Waiting for pledges to arrive
More waiting...
5 of the new pledges: Mindy, Sondra, a Bruggeman twin, Leslie, Tiffany

Informal Activation- Spring 1987
New Pledge Class

Pledge Party (Feb. 28th)

The entertainment
Barb Huffman, Ted Williams, Lisa DePasquale, Tim Cousins, Todd Hickerson, Michele Parrish

Spring Formal (May 2nd)
Joanne Steele, ?, Michele Mountcastle, Wes Root, Lisa DePasquale, Barb Huffman, Michele S., Cathy Mitchell
Carla & Lani at the Spring Formal (Atwood Lake)
Head, Joanne and Becky with STAG dates
Carrie and Becky


Marian Lenhart, Betsy Coyle & Tiffany Montavon, ground floor Kelley
Jill and Angie with two very lost freshmen
Spring Pledge Party: Sondra, Becky and Mindy
Carla & Holly
Brenda Raber, Barb Huffman, Michele Gohring (April 24)
Pledges Janice Bigler and Lisa DePasquale (Feb 18)
Greek Day (March 18): Brandi Taylor and Elizabeth Leistler in front
Greek Day: Barb Huffman, Terri Roy, Michele Mountcastle (3 generations)
Carla, Jodie & Beth on Pledge Day
Jodie & Beth "Squeak"

Fall Pledging

Fall Pledge Party: All Kianus
Fall Pledge Class
Big Sis Carla and Little Sis Jodie before the Fall Pledge Party


Spring Formal (April 19th)

On the Riverboat "Jubilee"
Elizabeth Leistler, Barb Huffman, Lisa Sahli, Charla Beaverson
Kevin Jarrett, Nancy Brick, Matt Schoener, Mary Hetrick, Brad, Chip Dietrich, Barb Huffman, and Elizabeth Leistler: boat was just getting ready to leave the dock

Fall Pledge Party (October 25th)

Lisa Sahli and Barb Huffman
Barb Huffman and Tom McNany in the Kianu house
Barb Huffman and Tom McNany
Head, Suzy, Becky and Jody

Christmas Party (Dec. 13)

Suzie Starks and Barb Huffman
Chuck and Jane Walker (Kianu class of '65- former club advisor)


Jodi, Beth & Carla's Pledge Scavenger Hunt
Big Sis Sue "Spanky" and little sis Carla
Jo, Kathy, Julie and Lisa


Spring Pledge Party: Jill Howells McNicol '85 and Mary Hetrick Kauffmann '87

At the house: Cathy Russell Durant '87 (little Sis) and Jill Howells McNicol '85 (Big Sis)

Top of the Center party: Jill Howells McNicol '85 and Michele Hoffmann Conway '87

Spring Pledge Party 1985: (l-r) Julie Hawkins Tuel '86, Jill Howells McNicol '85, Sue Steve Hart '85, Mary Hetrick Kauffmann '87


Spring 1984 pledges:
(l-r): Amy Branczek Martinko '87, Lori Buterbaugh '87, Michele Hoffmann Conway '87, Cathy Russell Durant '87


These Kianus all graduated in 1933, and this was their 50th reunion celebration at Muskingum College: (l-r): Mary Belle Rankin Dolder, Dot Laird Buckman, Mabel Wheeler Shipe, Elda McCoy, Sarah Hunter, Libby Ann Balentine, and Elizabeth Classman Young.

Senior Wills: Lisa was in the process of giving Jill Howells a stuffed dead rat with a purple bow. This was in Kelley Hall cafe: (L-R) Lisa Scalia LaMantia '83 and Donna Radalia Graber '83

Kianu class of 1983:
Front Row: (L-R) Luanne Leubben, Janie White, Greta Kramer, Christy Hovis
Second Row: Dottie Kamp, Jackie Sigado, Lori Clark, Andi Cappiello
Third row: Myra Zatezalo, Joan Hamilton ?, Melissa Gritman, Lisa Scalia, Betsy Beeghly


In front of the Kianu House: (L-R) Mary Kay Rose '85, Jill Howells McNicol '85, Lisa Uhlenbrock Toomey '85, Sue Steve Hart '85.

At Carol Pastore's (advisor) home: (L-R) Lisa Uhlenbrock Toomey '85, Mary Kay Rose '85, Jill Howells McNicol '85, Sue Steve Hart '85, Patty Battista '82


Harriet (Kainaroi) Amicone and Mick Amicone at XAN fall formal (note: they are the parents of Alainna Amicone- XAN 2006)
Harriet (Kainaroi) Amicone (1980) and her Little Tami Fitzgerald
Greeting the new pledges!
XAN Class of 1980


Pledge day pic from 1972 Muscoljuan
Group picture from 1972
Group picture from 1971


Pledge class from spring rush 1965 (class of 1968)


Class of 1962, right before graduation:
First row: Janet Driggs, Phyl Knapper, Liz Leitch
Second row: Barb Hughes, Daryl Sobehart, Marianne Jackson, Kathy Rowand
Third row: Marty Brouwer, Janie Gensbigler, Willy Will Karcher, Joan Loudon
Fourth row: Marilynn Phillips, Janet Skuce Cooper, Sally Steinhauer, Hedy Iseman Moore


Picture of Kianus from the 1961 Muscoljuan


Barb (Palmatier) Palmer '61, Marlene (Randall) Devlin '61 and Noan (Shoup) Fausnaugh '61
Whole Kianu club shot from the '59 Muscoljuan


Big sis Ann Messersmith '59 and little sis Peg Whiting '61


Group picture from 1955 yearbook
Kianu candids from yearbook


Kianu 25th anniversary celebration. Picture taken in front of the Kianu house. The Kianus in the picture are (l-r): Elda McKorvan (sp?) McCoy, Sarah Uherka (sp?) Hunter, Libby Ann Balentine, Mary Belle Rankin Dolder, and Mabel Wheeler Shipe. They all graduated in 1933.


Graduating Kianu Seniors: class of 1948


Picture of Upperclass Kianus from 1934 Muscoljuan

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