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Pledge Day 2010: January 23rd

Update from the actives (November 9th, 2008)

We just had a party on November 7th called "Prohibition". It was a dry party in the new Walter K. Chess Center and was open to the campus. We had a great turnout with guys and girls. We played poker and black jack and much of it was sponsored by Student Life. There were prizes given away and every one dressed up in clothes from the 1920s.

The next day we had a Kianu only "Dads Day”. It started out with a lunch at the house and a tailgating party before the Muskie football game. It was one of the best parties I have been to in the four years I have been here...other girls said the same thing. We all went out to dinner with our fathers after the great victory of the football game! Afterwards the fathers came back and we had a lot of fun the rest of the night just hanging out and having a bon fire with the dads. The quote of the day was "the only man a girl can trust is her dad".

Another big event Kianu recently held was a movie night in the science center. We showed the HBO movie "Iron Jawed Angels". This was open to the campus and we had a great turnout! We provided pizza, chips, and drinks and also gave the first people to get there Muskingum College vote shirts. It cost over $500 to show this movie to campus community but we had great support and donations from Student Life, the Young Democrats, Student Senate and other organizations on campus so Kianu hardly paid for anything...and we put it on.

Fundraising for the House

Message from Advisor Jen Bronner '97 (August 2005):

The following projects are under contract and have been completed, or will be early this fall:

1) new furnace and central AC - total around $8,000

2) new windows in meeting rooms, middle room and penthouse (room G) - total $1200

3) repair and replace slates on roof and copper flashings - total $1850. (To completely repair/replace the slate roof we'll need another $10,000. Right now it isn't a problem and we can replace it in parts - as needed.)

4) new oven and microwave - total $1100

5) new entertainment center - total $600 (replaces the old one which had the
doors busted off the hinges)

I spent about $25,000 on the house this summer. Most of it is behind the scenes, but will have a huge impact on the house. I had to dip into the house savings account for the extra $5,000, but with all of these improvements we should avoid the potential for any emergency situations.

Repairs that are still needed:
1) Additional slate roof repairs (described above)
2) House addition roof repairs (If you're interested in taking this one on during fall break on a volunteer basis, email Jen)
3) Bedroom furniture for the 8 bedrooms (about $10,000). This sounds cosmetic, but by having permanent furniture in each room, we'd save on a lot of wear and tear on the walls from when people move furniture in and out each year.

I think once these remaining projects are complete we'll be in really good shape. I already feel really good about what we've been able to accomplish this summer thanks to the generosity of our alumnae.

Previous House updates:

Last updated: October 2009