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Kianu crest Nickname: Kianu
Letters: XAN
Colors: Purple and Gold
Flower: Talisman Rose
Founded: April 29, 1927
Symbols: Hearts and Arrows
Address: 163 Montgomery Blvd., New Concord, Ohio

Founding Chi Alpha Nu Sisters
Founding Kianu Sisters

The Chi Alpha Nu Club was founded and chartered as a local sorority on the Muskingum College campus in 1927. Miss Cora Orr, Dean of Women at that time, felt that there was a need for another social club. She discussed this possibility with these women: Dorothy Aiken, Nancy Johnson, Isabel Knipe, Margaret McCandless, Mary Mehaffey, Glenna Speers and Shirley Wray. The club was established and Mrs. De Jong became the first adviser and Dorothy Aiken was elected the first president. 156 Montgomery Boulevard was the site of the first Kianu house. Margaret (Peg) McCandless Richert's father made the first Kianu crest to designate the house. At that time, the girls ate at the college fort on Thompson Street. Soon the girls had their own dining room and their first cook, Mrs. Cosby.

True then, and still today, is that we are a diverse group of women. Our members serve in a variety of activities, honoraries, organizations, and leadership positions. These include members of Student Senate, class officers, SOS, Centerboard, Muskie players, and Agora among others. Many of our sisters are resident assistants and directors. We have members in many leadership organizations, including Lambda Sigma, Omicron Delta Kappa, and Order of Omega.

The HouseThe House

A unique feature of our club is that we live in our own house on Montgomery Boulevard. The house was built in 1925, bought by Kianu along with the property in 1947, and completely remodeled in 1977, along with more recent updates such as a complete rewiring in 2005 and replacement of windows, furnace and AC in that same year.

We have 66 active members this year, and alumnae all over the world numbering approximately 1,350. We strive to maintain the high standards and qualities of our club and to keep a strong presence on campus and in the community.

Our sisterhood is based on a strong foundation backed by many years of tradition. This year we are celebrating our 81st year on the Muskingum College campus. We, the women of Chi Alpha Nu, are proud of our heritage and ideals that remain with us not only at Muskingum, but throughout our lives. This evolving creation continues to depend upon developing traditions, sisterhood, and friendships in a way we feel uniquely describe Chi Alpha Nu.

"It is chance that makes us sisters, but choice that makes us friends." The Kianu Club is composed of young women who firmly believe that our club embodies the sentiment of this quotation. Our symbol is a purple heart bursting with enthusiasm, which has been struck with an arrow to carry this enthusiasm and the meaning of Kianu to the hearts of others.

Last update: May 2008