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arrowFall 2014 New Members (October 2014)

Kianu Fall 2014 New Members


Erika Baum (2018)

Brianna Bonacci (2015)
Hometown: Parma, Ohio
Interests: Member of Muskingum Womens' Lacrosse Team, I have also been a figure skater for 18 years.
Academic Focus: Psychology and Health Administration
I decided to accept my open bid and pledge Kianu this year because I became close friends with many of the girls and they always talked about the fun things they did with XAN. As a senior, this is kind of my last year to do anything fun! Next year I will hopefully be in graduate school and working a real job! Although I have been a part of many sports teams, I always wondered what it would be like to be part of Greek life at Muskingum Univesrity. I did not want to leave my undergraduate years wondering "what if?" I am very excited to be part of Kianu and create memories with all these wonderful girls!

Mary Briceland (2017)

Pauline Carivenc (I just stay one semester in Muskingum University)
Hometown: Toulon (France)
Interests: I love shopping, hanging out with friends, watching TV series and especially travelling abroad
Academic Focus: US History since 1877 - Tradition of the American literature
First of all, I wanted to rush to know more people and to get involved in an organization on campus. Actually, be a part of a sorority was also a way for me to be always surrounded with girls, with whom I could share good moments. Being far from my family and my friends, I felt the need to find a new home. Throughout rush week, I was pretty lost about my choice which changed everyday. But, on Friday night, I was sure about Kianu and I felt home at the moment I came in the house.

Jade Chapman (2018)
Hayley Curtain (2018)

Tori Gast (2016)
Hometown: Frazeysburg, Ohio
Interests: Running, crafting, hunting, and fishing
Academic Focus: Criminal Justice Major, Sociology Minor
I pledged Kianu because the girls were all so welcoming and made it feel like I belonged. It makes Muskingum a much better place to be than what it already is. I love the young women that make this club so special, and I hope to have the lifelong friendships that they all say we will have.

Tara Glaze (2018)
Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio
Interests: Swimming, playing with puppies, playing sports, exercising, running, reading, movie marathons
Academic Focus: Nursing

Jessica Gutierrez (2017)
Hometown: Loudonville, OH
Interests: Playing volleyball at Muskingum and hanging out with friends
Academic Focus: French and Spanish
One reason I pledged Kianu was because I knew a lot of the actives that are currently involved in the club. I felt like I got to know most of them over the course of my freshman year and I really enjoyed their company. I felt like I fit in and didn't have to worry about impressing any of them. I believe that this was possible because they were extremly friendly, outgoing, and welcoming, even though they knew I wasn't a part of their soroity. This then made a huge impact on my decision to pledge Kianu. Another reason why I joined this soroity, as you can probably guess was to branch out and make even more new friends that I could hangout with besides just my soccer friends/teammates.

Laura Hill (2018)
Hometown: Waterford, Ohio
Interests: Playing volleyball at Muskingum and hanging out with friends
Academic Focus: Nursing
I pledged Kianu because for one when I went to meet them they were all really nice and made me feel like I was a part of the family already. I also wanted to have sisters to talk to while I am at college because even though I have an older sister, I can't drag her up to college with me, so I wanted to have sisters at school that I could rely on just as much as I do her, and the Kianu girls definitely made me feel like I would have that.

Nicolette Law (2018)
Hometown: Cambridge, Ohio
Interests: My hobbies include hanging out with friends, going on fun dates with my weirdo boyfriend, working out, sleeping, and eating as much as my little tummy can hold.
Academic Focus: Early Childhood Education
I pledged Kianu for many reasons. First off, I met a few Kianus on the first weekend and they were nothing but nice to me. They were extremely friendly, easy to talk to, and fun as hell! Later on, I went to some of their events like Spa Night, Kickin' it with Kianu, and their Tea Party. I got to know quite a few of the girls this way and I loved all of them! Seeing them all together, I could instantly tell they were truly like sisters. They all got along with each other and it seemed like they were all so close. I couldn't help but be jealous of them. The lovely girls of Kianu are the reason I decided to go through recruitment. Throughout the entire week of recruitment, my heart was still set on Kianu. Best decision I've ever made.

Maddie Lobaugh (2017)

Breanne Lutz (2018)
Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Interests: I enjoy dancing, being with friends, and shopping
Academic Focus: Health Administration

Mariah Matthews (2018)
Hometown: Grove City, Ohio
Interests: Playing volleyball, spending time with friends and family
Academic Focus: Early Childhood Education
I pledged Kianu because I felt they all had a strong bond as a whole. I liked that everyone is very unique and accepted for who they are. They made me feel welcomed from the moment I met them which made is seem like the perfect home.

Leslie Navarro (2017)
Tanner Owens (2017)
Elizabeth Patterson (2018)

Kaylee Piatt (2018)
Hometown: Dayton, Ohio
Interests: dancing, hanging with friends, singing, obsessing over Disney, working out
Academic Focus: Communication and Music
I chose Kianu because I knew they were the group of girls I could open my heart to. They always know how to make me smile. I love being able to laugh and act crazy with my sisters. I also know I can come to them if I ever need anything. They help bring out the best in me. :)

Anna Semler (2018)
Hometown: Yellow Springs, Ohio
Interests: Hanging out with my friends and family, showing my dairy cows, and always having a good time
Academic Focus: Athletic Training
I went through the rush process to find my home away from home. And it just so happened to be Kianu. My sister was a Kianu and I saw how much it changed her and I wanted that too. I didn't want to be biased in my decision-making but Kianu was the only one that made me feel whole. I knew all of the girls and I knew that I would be welcomed with open arms. These girls know how to have one hell of a time and I'm glad I get to call myself a Chi Alpha Nu. I love all of my new sisters and I wouldn't trade my decision for anything. I can't wait to see what's ahead in these next four years.

Rachel Stenger (2018)
Erika Winland (2016)
Alana Young (2018)

Kianu Fall 2014 New Members

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