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Tracy Karr (October 2002)
Kianu Alumna- Class of 2000


Becky and TracyBecky and Tracy
I would love to nominate Tracy Karr as the Girl with the Arrow. I swear that I had no idea when I met her at Homecoming back in the fall of 1997 that this silly Kianu would not only keep me involved in Kianu activities but would also become one of my best friends. Karr knows no strangers no matter where her travels take her. I have met so many people through her I find it simply amazing at times. Her generosity to her friends is boundless. Her travels back to Muskieland are numerous as many of you can vouch! Wherever Karr is, fun is soon to follow!! Tracy is a social butterfly who makes the sisterhood of Chi Alpha Nu full of entertainment and laughter. Karr's Kianu family is a large one and grows by leaps and bounds every spring with new additions.

In a nutshell, this story tells most everything one needs to know about Karr for those of you who do not know her. Several years ago, I had arrived at the Kianu house for the Homecoming meeting feeling pretty crappy about a lot of stuff. Most of the reasons were of my own doing that fall day but I felt the need to come and take my medicine so to speak. This Kianu active who I had only spoken to for a short time the preceding year came up and made me feel so very welcome when I felt so very uncomfortable. She had a huge smile and a giant hug for me. It made me feel so much better about this return visit. She really tried to convince me to stay and have fun after the meeting. Karr was determined that I should stay and enjoy the festivities. Unfortunately I had to leave, but her persistence and her honest welcome made a huge impact on me. It showed me that the Kianus were still exactly, (maybe even more so!) what we had always been- the greatest bunch of women to ever spend any time at Muskingum.

So Karr, always remember you are the best! You are a super Kianu (even if your friends away from Muskieland do not understand) and a great friend!

Love in XAN,
Becky Sampson '88

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