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Girl with the Arrow

Ellie Johns (November 2001)
Kianu Alumna, Presbyterian Minister- Class of 1997


Iwould like to nominate Rev. Mary Eleanor (Ellie) Johns-'97 for the Girl With the Arrrow.

Ellie is a wonderful example of the highest ideals of womanhood and the true Christian Spirit. Thus, she is well deserving of the Girl With The Arrow accolade. Rev. Ellie is now an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church. What an accomplishment for a woman! She is currently working at Pittsburgh Theological Seminary as an assistant director of the Summer Youth Institute and as an admission's representative.

Ellie and I crossed paths for the first time in the summer of 1998 at the New Wilmington Missionary Conference, New Wilmington, PA. Ellie served as a High School Girl's Counselor. Although she wasn't my counselor, she was an excellent asset to the counseling staff. During the next summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know Ellie even more. We were both at the Pittsburgh International Airport awaiting our flight to Fort Worth, Texas for the General Assembly Meeting of the Presbyterian Church, U.S.A. (the Presbyterian Church's huge annual meeting). She formally introduced herself to me at the airport for the first time. We hit it off from the very beginning. During our long week in Texas, we enjoyed each other's company and began our friendship. For the next couple summers, we spent one week together at the New Wilmington Missionary Conference. Ellie was so happy that I had choosen to attend Muskingum College after high school.
By attending Muskingum, our friendship has grown stronger. But what has brought us even closer is that now I am a Kianu. Not only are we friends, but now I consider us sisters through this incredible thing called Kianu. Ellie reflects what it means to be a Kianu Sister everyday. She is thoughtful, helpful, considerate, passionate, faithful, and just beautiful. I admire Ellie in so many ways. One such way is the fact that she is a minister. I, too, feel called into the ministry as a Presbyterian Minister like her. Throughout pledging, Ellie was my lifeline. Whenever I needed advice or just encouragement, Ellie was available to offer it. When we visit each other, we seem to talk for hours. Now that we share this Kianu experience, I feel even closer to her than ever before. Rev. Ellie Johns is very deserving of this honor. First, she has entered a career that few people (let alone women) choose to do. Second, she has always remained true to herself. Third and finally, she is someone whom I admire. Ellie continues to make a mark upon this world, Kianu, and me. Ellie is the Girl With The Arrow.

Jessica McClure '04

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