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The Kianu Class of 2008 (May-June 2008)


For this month's GWTA, each senior was asked two questions. 1. What are you planning to do after graduation? and 2. Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Their responses are below. Good luck to all the seniors! We hope life after graduation treats you well.

Class of 2008

The 2008 Kianu Seniors

Kasey BatesKasey Bates (Education major)

  1. I am planning to find a teaching position in Ohio (if anyone knows of any openings let me know:) and saving my money so that I can buy a place for myself.
  2. In 10 years I see myself working as a 3rd grade teacher and living in a nice house and doing the things that I love. I also plan to be traveling during the summers!

Laura Brehm (Education major)
Ashley Burkett
(Environmental Science and Geology major)

Keri ClapperKeriann (Keri) Clapper (Accounting and Business major)

  1. After graduation, I'm planning on staying around home and getting a job. Something that makes me happy and pays some moolah! =)
  2. In ten years, I see myself having a happy, successful job. Also, a husband and a couple little boogers running around!

Ali DeBoldAllison (Ali) DeBold (Business major)

  1. After graduation, I will be moving to Columbus (with the rest of the Muskingum/Kianu alums) I got a job with Teamwork Solutions in the Upper Arlington area but the rest of my plans are still TBA for now...I was busy with Relay for Life so now that it is done I can plan the rest of my life! =)
  2. In 10 years I hope to be happy, successful, and still as close with my Kianu sisters as I am now!! =) hehe* 10 years is a long time...I have no clue where I'll be!!

Nina DuttonNina Dutton (Political Science major)

  1. After graduation I will be working and living at home until mid July then I will be moving to Pittsburgh.
  2. In ten years- hopefully I will be happy and love my career. I hope to have a MBA or a law degree. I might be married in ten years too.

Melissa Fetz (Marketing/Business major)
Courtney Freeland
(Speech Communications major)
Alex Gaddis
(Business and Economics major)

Jaimee HerronJaimee Herron (Special Education major)

  1. After graduation, I am planning to move to Columbus with my best friend Sarah Reams and hopefully get a teaching job as an intervention specialist around Columbus.
  2. In ten years I see myself living in the Columbus area, maybe married and maybe thinking about kids :)

Danielle IrvineDanielle Irvine (Accounting and Business major)

  1. After graduation I am moving back to Marysville where I will be working at Holbrook & Manter as a staff accountant. I will be living at home for a couple of years. During these couple years I will continue taking courses so I will have enough credit hours to sit for my CPA exam. I hope to begin my CPA exam in the beginning of 2009.
  2. In ten years I hope to have my CPA certification. I hope to still be working in a public accounting office doing investment, consulting, and/or tax work. I also hope to be married at this time. I have no plans about where I want to live, I am pretty much open to living anywhere. I hope that in ten years I will still be in contact with many of my sisters, especially the girls in my senior class. I am going to miss all of them so much!

Marissa MillsMarissa Mills (Education major)

  1. Upon Graduation in May, I will be traveling to Myrtle Beach with my family for a summer vacation and Graduation gift. I will then be working at the Columbus Zoo in the Conservation Education department as an instructor. It was a blast last summer, so I look forward to having another great summer close to home. Everyone should definitely come visit! :) As the summer winds down, I will be teaching somewhere in the fall as a high school math teacher. I am currently applying and interviewing for teaching jobs, so I will keep everyone posted as to where I end up!
  2. In 10 years, I see myself settled down somewhere in Ohio - hopefully with the start of a family. I know that I do not want to move too far from home or here, so most likely I will still be close. I also hope to have settled into a teaching position at a school district that I enjoy working in. Regardless of where I am though, I will make to sure to come back to Muskingum to visit - especially the Kianu house! :)

Amy Rutledge (Graduated early- December 2007; Journalism major)
Katie Schumacher
(Art, Business, and Digital Media Design major)

Rachele SteckRachele Steck (Business and Public Relations major)

  1. After graduation I will be moving back home with the 'rents for a bit to save up money, and will hopefully have a job in the business field somewhere in the Cleveland area.
  2. In 10 years I will hopefully be married and have a kid or two. At that point I hope to be well traveled, but I will probably still be in Cleveland because that is where all my family lives. Hopefully I will be happy and healthy and content in life. :)

Chrissy StragisherChrissy Stragisher (Speech Communications major)

  1. Following graduation, I will spend the summer as an intern for the WNBA's San Antonio Silver Stars. I will be in Texas until the conclusion of the WNBA season which should be sometime in October. I'm so excited about this as it has always been my dream to be involved in the WNBA. And if any sisters that live in Texas are reading this, please get ahold of me. It's gonna suck being so far away from home!
  2. In ten years, I would like to be a head basketball coach for a college or be coaching in the WNBA. Hopefully I'll be living somewhere warm (this Ohio weather just isn't for me.) I also hope that I still keep in touch with all of my Kianu friends and I get to baby-sit their kids. :)

Jessica SwannJessica Swann (Business major)

  1. I am moving to Westervile (Columbus) with my boyfriend, Thad Youngen (younger brother to fellow XAN sister Cari (Youngen) Edwards). I will be working as a credit manager for Wells Fargo Financial.
  2. In 10 years I hope to be happily married with a child or two. I would also like to be on my way to owning my own coffee shop/bookstore. I also hope to still be in touch with the fabulous Kianus!

Katie SynkKatie Synk (Business and Accounting major)

  1. After graduation, I am moving back to Strongsville to finish up some credit hours in order to sit for my CPA exam. After that, I hope to start working for an accounting firm, more than likely in Philadelphia, PA.
  2. In ten years, I plan on having my CPA and being well established in an accounting firm. I also plan on being happily married within the next few years to a fellow Muskie from the MACE Club who is also part of the class of 2008. A couple of kids may even be in the picture as well :). I also want to have said that I was able to accomplish all that I had intended to by that point and to be able to thoroughly enjoy my 20s as a strong career woman as I move into my 30s with many more wonderful years to come.

Bonnie Whitt (Biology major)

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