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Tricia Kent (June 2006)
Current Kianu President- Class of 2007


Sam and TriciaBig Sis and Past President Sam Sibert, and Little Sis and Current President Tricia Kent

What inspired you to run for president of the XAN Club?

TK: After serving as Homecoming chair this past year I knew I wanted to become more involved within the club, but I wasn't sure how. After watching my big, Sam do such an amazing job this year, I knew I wanted to take over for her and continue to do the job I knew I would be very capable of doing. I wanted to run also to bring some positive change to the club in certain areas, and to be able to fix things that have been bothering other members.

20 years from now, what hopes do you have for Chi Alpha Nu? What do you hope the club will be doing at that point?

TK: I hope that Kianu will still be as elite on campus, if not more so than we are now. I want Muskingum to turn to Kianu for a favor and still know that we will be there to help no matter what. I want to see the members still involved in the community and bonding with one another.

Why did you choose Muskingum?

TK: I chose to come to Muskingum based on the softball program. I knew I wanted to continue to play softball in college and this was the best program around. I also wanted to attend a smaller school and one that was not too far away from my home in Cleveland. I fell in love with the campus as soon as I stepped foot on it.

What is your favorite Kianu memory?

TK: Almost every Kianu would say pledge day, which is very high on my list. But I would have to say that being asked to be involved with the groundbreaking of the new building on campus topped them all. Not only did Student Life ask the Kianus to be involved but so did President Steele, and to me this is such an honor. While at the groundbreaking, we helped hand out shovels and hats to the board members. At the very end Alainna Amicone sang and President Steele brought us all up on stage and wanted us to sing with her. I had chills the entire time because not only were we the only club involved in the groundbreaking, we also got our picture taken with John Glenn and talked to him for a while. This day just proved to me what a great group of girls we were and how much Muskingum appreciates us.

Sam and TriciaTricia Kent and Lindsay Hughes '05

What is your favorite non-Kianu memory?

TK: While playing softball my freshman year I became friends with a lot of wonderful girls. Our trip to the World Series that year is one that I will never forget because the whole thing was so surreal and exciting.

When did you first hear of Kianu? Do you have any Kianu relatives or know any Kianus before you came to MC?

TK: I heard about Kianu one of the first couple of days I was there. A couple of Kianus invited me and some friends over to the house one night to hang out. This was the first I had ever heard of them because I do not have any Kianu relatives.

What are you hoping to accomplish this year as president?

TK: I hope to bring the club closer together. I want each member to feel more involved and to know what is going on. I want to have more dry events with just Kianus so that we can truly get to know one another better.

When did you decide you wanted to pledge Kianu?

TK: I was one of those girls that loved the Deltas the first couple of months as a Muskie. I made a lot of friends over there, so I thought I had my mind made up going into rush. At the same time I was playing softball with many Kianus and loved them just the same. Rush week was very hard but I knew what I was doing right after the final parties.

What made you want to become a Kianu?

TK: I loved the way I felt when I walked into the house during rush week, and the girls that filled it. I looked up to them and strived to be a classy, strong, and confident person, just like them.

When you first visited the house, what was your initial impression?

TK: The house was very welcoming, not how I pictured a sorority house to be. It gave me a good feeling just being inside and I knew that I belonged in that house.

Which Kianu sister has had the greatest impact on you?

TK: Wow, this question took my breath away because I have no idea how to choose just one person. Every girl in this club has had an effect on me and without them I would never be the same. I could say something about each one but that would take too long. I think that my Kianu family has really taught me how to be there for one another and no matter what happens you can always make it over the "hump" as my big and I like to say!

What do you want to do after you graduate?

TK: I would like to be an event planner at a Country Club. I love planning events and I am interning this summer with an event planner at home.

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