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Sara Beyeler Yackey and the Beyeler family (July 2006)
Kianu Alumna- Class of 1981
There are many Muskies in the extended Beyeler family, they are profiled here.


Growing up in northwestern Pennsylvania, my family was very aware of the state university system in PA, which is the type of college most of my high school classmates attended. My brother Dana started at Muskingum in 1969; he had heard about Muskingum from his high school football coach. He seemed to really enjoy his college experience. As I am 8 years younger than him, I idolized everything he did and pretty much worshipped the ground he walked on so I thought I would go there too. Then when it was time for our sister Natalie to choose a college, she looked at other schools and ultimately chose Muskingum and started in the fall of 1972. Dana graduated in May of 1973 and married his college sweetheart Virginia (Ginnie) Zombro '72. She is a Kianu, and Natalie had joined Kianu that spring. Natalie graduated in 1976 and I had one more year of high school. So now it was time for me to decide where to go to college. Well, let me tell you, there was absolutely NO WAY I was going to the same school that my brother, sister-in-law and sister all went to. No way, no how! I was very independent and I was going to make my own way and my own traditions. Well, I looked and looked and visited and searched other colleges and nothing I saw reached the level of enjoyment, friendship or opportunities that the other three had found at Muskingum. So I decided I would try it for a year.... After a month I was hooked. In the spring of 1978, I too, became a Kianu, (once again something I was not going to do: be in the same club as my sister; but again, the Kianu Club just far outshone the other clubs).

Beyeler Family
The 6 original Beyelers (l to r): Sara ’81, Dad, Natalie ’76, Mom, Cara ’91, Dana ’73

Oh my, the experiences and fun I had a Muskingum, and the dates... with a Mace, Kappa Sigma, Stag, and Ulster... I fondly remember the pledge parties, the formals, the interclub parties... oh the memories. Merritt and I started dating second semester of our senior year, and are still together 25 years later. We were married in May 1982. We tell people we have been dating for 25 years and married for 24. After we got married our family grew to six MC alumni with the combined families. Then it was time for our younger sister Cara to go to college. She too was bound and determined to set her own path, and go to a different college than the rest of us. She ended up at Muskingum, as a Kianu. Then Dana's kids were grown up and it was time for them to choose a college. His oldest graduated from Lafayette College. His second son, once again, was going to make his own decision and applied to Muskingum just to keep Grandma happy. Yes, like the rest of us he attended Muskingum and became the eighth alum in the family. Our sister Natalie is a doctor in Alaska, and her children have all chosen a variety of schools.

Then a year ago it was time for our oldest daughter to choose a college. Once again, she was going to make her own way, but just to keep Grandma happy she applied to Muskingum. She visited and the rest was history. She is now a member of the class of 2009. Then rush time came. Did she have a choice (to rush)? We all told her rush was a very important time to be experienced, and that we wanted her to experience it; she didn't have to join a club just to meet more people. What a nervous time it was. How do you encourage your daughter to go through rush and not want her to become a Kianu? I kept talking to my sisters and asked “what will we do if she becomes a Delta?” I thought back to my time in school and remembered all my friends who had sisters or best friends in the other clubs, especially Delta, and decided we could live with it if that was what she chose. The Friday night of final rush parties I was on the phone with my younger sister Cara and she said, “I would rather she just not pledge than go another club”. Saturday morning came, Millicent called and started singing ‘Who’s the Girl with the Arrow’. I knew we had come full circle. She now thanks us for insisting on her participating in rush and says that she is so glad she joined a club. Her big sis is Alainna Amicone, the daughter of Harriet Amicone '80. What a joy for her to have a daughter of a friend of mine as a big sis.

Beyeler Family at Natalie's wedding:
Millicent ’09, the newest Kianu, is kneeling in front on the right;
Ginnie Zombro Beyeler ’72 is to the right with short hair,
Dana is on her right shoulder,
Natalie, Sara and Cara are in there too,
Merritt ’81, is in the middle back with the glasses and blue shirt

Here are the Muskies in our family:

  Class Club Name Relation (to Sara)
1. 1972 Kianu Ginnie Zombro Beyeler Sister-in-law
2. 1972 Ulster Dana A Beyeler Brother
3. 1976 Kianu Natalie Beyeler London Sister
4. 1981 Kianu Sara Beyeler Yackey Me
5. 1981 Ulster Merritt H Yackey Husband
6. 1981 Ulster Damon H Yackey Brother-in-law
7. 1991 Kianu Cara Beyeler Waito Sister
8. 2001 Kappa Sigma Matthew A Beyeler Nephew
9. 2009 Kianu Millicent A Yackey Daughter

Love in XAN,
Sara Beyeler Yackey ‘81

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