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Jane (Walker) Walker (July 2001)
Kianu Alumna and former Advisor to the Actives- Class of 1965


Jane Walker '65 Walker has been the glue that has held the Kianu Club together for many years. Jane is a wealth of knowledge concerning Chi Alpha Nu as well as the entire Muskingum family. When I began to organize the event we had last March in Columbus, I felt that Jane was one of the most important people to make sure was involved with this. Not only does Jane still have a very interactive role at Muskingum with her husband Chuck, she also is her own force to be reckoned with that is seldom overlooked. Thankfully, she is a dedicated Kianu alum! Her memories are ones that keep us focused and the College honest! Jane does not easily back down from an issue that she feels strongly about, much to certain individual's chagrin.

I remember some of my 1st interactions with Jane when she was the advisor. She and I banged heads a few times. And I truly respected her for the way she called me on the carpet a few times-I needed it! Perhaps the most important thing that Jane taught me as the advisor is that one should always try to take the high road. It would be easy to deal with certain individuals and groups at their level than trying to rise above it. This was not an easy lesson for me to learn from Jane so we did repeat it several times. But she was right in so many ways. Once learned, that lesson was a something that I tried to instill not only in XAN but in my personal life as well.

My senior year was tough in so many ways but Jane helped me stay the course. It was with her guidance that I tried to look to the future and what was best for the club down the road versus easy bandaids. After I graduated, Jane and I have kept in touch. Her years as an advisor helped keep us what we are today-the XAN Club of Muskingum College. Her steady hand has assured that Kianu is a club full of tradition, purple and gold, and well respected women that populate the world. And to this, all the Kianus throughout the year, both alum and future sisters owe her a giant debt of gratitude!

Becky Sampson '88

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