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arrowKianu 2013 New Member Class (February 2013)

Pledge Class 2012
The 2013 New Member Class

Welcome to our new members!

Elise Bruckelmeyer '15

Bruckelmeyer1) Millersport, Ohio
2) friends, singing, anything music, my animals, scrap booking, crafts, dancing
3) communications and digital media design
4) I pledged Kianu because I felt like I was home. The girls are very welcoming and a ton of fun. I instantly felt like a part of them when I walked in the door. A few of my best friends are in the club already so I knew most of the girls but those I didn't  know I felt like I did. I can go up to any girl and talk to them comfortably about anything. The required service that we do is also one of the main reasons I joined. I love helping people and doing community service. But the main reason I became a Kianu was to be part of something amazing that only a few women have the honor of being part of, a sisterhood.

Mackenzie Coburn '16

Groveport, Ohio
Hobbies: soccer, camping, and shopping
Major : health science (physical therapy)

I pledged Kianu because I knew that's where I belonged. It felt like home. Every time I arrived at the house I had a huge smile on my face. The girls made me feel welcome, but yet one of a kind. I knew if I was in trouble, I could trust these girls to be there. I knew I had to pledge Kianu. They have such big hearts and are a lot of fun. I just couldn't wait to join!

Madison Cummings '16

Cummings1) Hometown: Berea Ohio
2) Hobbies: Music, competitive swimming, reading, shopping, and photography
3) Major: Business major with a minor in economics and psychology
4) The reason why I decided to pledge Kianu is because I was friends with the majority of the girls during the first semester. I was already close to a good handful of them once rush week started. Going through rush I wanted to keep an open mind but come the final party I knew that Kianu was the place for me. It is the place that I really feel at home and I know that I can go to these girls for anything. Growing up with no siblings whatsoever was different but now I have a bunch of sisters, and it's a great feeling! :)

GaudingBrianna Gauding '16

Hometown: Woodsfield, OH
I enjoy being outside, hanging out with friends, mudding and four-wheeler riding, and getting to know new people.
My major is nursing with a minor in psychology.

I pledged Kianu because of the feeling I felt when I am around them. These girls accepted me for who I am right now and wanted me just the way I am. I was first skeptical about joining a sorority but after already becoming friends with this group of ladies, I knew I wanted to learn more about the club and what it was all about. I could not be happier with the decision I made about joining Kianu and am very excited to see what the future holds.

Taylor Granlee '16

Hometown: Marion, Ohio
Hobbies: crafting, playing volleyball, hanging out with friends and doing anything outside
Major: Child and Family Studies with a minor in Psychology

I joined Kianu for a few reason, I wanted to be more involved on campus and I really wanted some sisters! From the very beginning all of the actives were welcoming and made an effort to get to know me. The first pre-rush party I went to was at the XAN house and I knew from that day on that I wanted to be a part of the club. I kept an open mind through rush week and had a good time with the girls in other clubs, but deep down I knew that Kianu was the place for me. I had been hanging out with the girls all year, formed some really great friendships, and wanted to be able to call them all my sisters. I am so happy to call Chi Alpha Nu my home away from home.

Hollie Harrison '15

1. Lancaster, Ohio
2. playing tennis, shopping, being around friends
3. Health Science
4. The reason I pledged Kianu is because being around the girls I felt comfortable, and at home. Every time I waked into the house they were all very welcoming and I have a lot in common with so many of the girls. By the last day I knew that there was no other place for me, my heart was in Kianu.

Catherine "Katie" Hoben '15

Hoben1) I am from Bound Brook, New Jersey.
2) My hobbies are hanging out with my friends, spending time with family, going out on the boat, watching Notre Dame Football, going to the beach, and just having a good time. I love to laugh :)
3) My major at Muskingum is Health Science in Management, and then when I graduate I will hopefully go to nursing school.
4) When I came to Muskingum for the first time as a senior in high school to do an overnight I met Kristen Semler and she was so nice to me. I left feeling more comfortable about going so far away to school because I had met so many girls including Kristen who were so sweet to me. When I came to school that following August I felt that the Kianus were the nicest, most caring girls on this campus. They make you feel so welcome. I didn't get the opportunity to rush as a freshman, but this year I finally did. I went into rush keeping an open mind, but at the end of the week when I went to my final parties I chose Kianu as my last one. As soon as I walked into the Kianu house I immediately began crying because I knew where my home was. Kate Riley read me my letter, and it was so touching that I just knew what I was going to write on my card the next morning. I am the happiest I have been since I came to Muskingum, and I know I made the right decision.

Mariah James '16

I am a freshman here at Muskingum. I am a sociology major. I like to sing in the concert choir, and I play in the marching band. I work at the Dairy Duchess, as well the alumni office at Muskingum. I joined Kianu because it was such a warm and friendly environment where I felt not only as though I could be myself, but they make me feel like a princess every second I'm with them. I admire all the love, respect, and support the sisters have for each other.

Natalie Skelley '16

SkelleyI am from Canton, Ohio. My hobbies include track & field, volleyball, going out on the lake on my family's boat, and hanging out with my family and friends because they are the most important people in my life. I am a Digital Media Design major here at Muskingum.
I had been really familiar with the Kianu sorority because my sister had just graduated and many of her friends were still actives. Going through rush week, I was very confused in deciding whether or not to pledge and where I would end up. However, I had realized late in the week that Kianu was the sorority for me. This was the place where I felt most comfortable with the girls and I knew that they would be the ones I could call my sisters. I didn't feel that sense of closeness with any other sorority. XAN is my home and it is where I need to be.

Kelli Stack '16

StackI am from Amherst, OH. My hobbies include anything craft-related, such as sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, drawing, etc. I also enjoy baking and cake decorating. My major is Chemistry/pre-med with a minor in biology. 

I pledged Chi Alpha Nu because it was the one place that I felt truly myself. Throughout my first year, the Kianu girls were so welcoming and always a good time! Rush week made me realize how at home I felt at Kianu compared to the other clubs and, without a doubt I am happy with my decision! I couldn't imagine pledging anywhere else! 


Mallory Warrington '15

Kayla Zellers '15

1) Pataskala, Ohio
2) Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, dancing, shopping, listening to music, playing sports, and just all around having a good time.
3) Major: Biology
4) I pledged Kianu because I felt like it was my home. I regret last year a lot because I made the decision not to pledge. I saw my friends having a blast with their sisters and I wanted to be a part of it so I decided to rush this year. When going into rush I kept my mind open to anything and I did not know what my decision was going to be. When I went to Kianu's parties I felt complete comfortable and they welcomed me with open arms. I felt like I could be myself around them. I knew that no matter what I would always have a good time when with them and they would always be there for me. By the end of the last party I knew that Kianu was where I wanted to be and where I belonged.

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