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arrowKianu 2011 Pledge Class (February 2011)

2011 pledge class
The 2011 Pledge Class on Pledge Day

Pledge Class 2011

Pledge Class at Informal Activation

Welcome to our new pledge sisters!

Kelley Allen '14

Hometown: New Concord, Ohio
Hobbies: Hanging out with my friends and my family, cheering, softball, spending money on designer handbags :)
Major: I am a psychology major and sociology minor with plans to go on to law school after graduating from Muskingum
The reason I pledged Kianu is because the minute I stepped into the house it was where I felt I was supposed to be and rush week confirmed that feeling even more. I love all of the girls in this club and know I could count on them for anything.

Chelsea Blamble '14

My name is Chelsea Blamble, and I live in Huntersville, North Carolina. I play piano and the violin and I love to go shopping. My major is nursing and I am minoring in music.
I pledged Kianu because I felt that I best fit in this sorority. I felt comfortable and I had no trouble holding conversations with the girls in Kianu because I have a lot in common with them. I also love the service work that Kianu does along with their themed parties. I could definitely see myself with Kianu in the future.

Ellen Dickerson '13

Hometown: Lebanon, Ohio
Hobbies: Softball and snowboarding
Major: Math education, I want to be a high school math teacher
I pledged Kianu because I absolutly love love love all of the girls, they are all so sweet and nice! I also love the reputation that the Kianus have on campus. I think that being a Kianu will be something I will be able to be proud of!! I am really looking forward to getting to know all of the girls better and better!

Katie Dinges '14

Tashia Foster '14

Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio
Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading, playing Mario, shopping, going to the movies
Major: Early Childhood Education
Everyday of rush I would look forward to the Kianu party. I just felt so comfortable being with them and they accepted me. The morning of Bid Day was the day it finally hit me, I just genuinely loved being around these girls. I couldn't be happier with my choice. The girls are all just absolutely amazing and I love being able to call them my sisters!

Jessica Lorenzo '14

I am from Utica, Ohio which is a real small town. I love to go shopping and I LOVE to color! Spending time with my family is a MUST, they are my best friends! My major is Early Childhood Education and I want to teach either 1st or 2nd grade. When I rushed I did not intend on pledging anywhere. I went to all the sororities and after the first party I instantly felt welcomed at Kianu. I still wasn't sure if I wanted to pledge but at the final party I knew. I felt like the girls really took the time to get to know me; I already felt like I was part of the Kianu family and it felt awesome! I feel like this was one of the best decisions of my life and I am so glad I chose Kianu.

Kayla Matheny '13

My name is Kayla Matheny and I am from Manchester, Ohio (Akron area). I am part of the track and field team here at Muskingum. I do high jump, long jump, 400 hurdles, and the 4x4. Besides track, I love to hang out with all my friends and I also love to go shopping. I am majoring in psychology here at Muskingum and then I will be getting my masters in the Carolinas in occupational therapy.

I decided to join Kianu for a few reasons. I love all the girls there and I’m so happy I joined. I am happy to call them my sisters and I am proud to wear purple and gold. I also joined to gain the friendships of many individuals. I think that it is a great experience and I hope to gain many memories in the process.

I did post secondary in high school for two years so I have one year of college completed. I am a freshman here but I plan on graduating in 2013.

Courtney Milla '14

Hometown: Rocky River, Ohio (Cleveland area)
Hobbies: My hobbies are to hang out with friends, and I love to work out and play volleyball. I played volleyball for my high school until I hurt my knee.
Major: My major is speech pathology which involves helping younger children with speech problems and memorization. After graduation I plan on going to grad school at Kent.
I pledged Kianu because the girls made me feel at home and I could be myself around them. I felt comfortable there; the club is a good fit for me. I knew some of the actives in the club before pledging.

Danyelle Miller '14

Hometown: Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
Major: Psychology and Sociology
I joined Kianu because I felt most at home here. I knew I wanted to join a sorority, and I knew I wanted one that fit me perfectly, and I found that in Kianu.

Alissa Rinesmith '13

Hometown: Plain City, Ohio
Hobbies: Family, friends, shopping, running
Major: Middle School Education- Math & Science Concentrations
I actually went into rush thinking I was not going to pledge anywhere. I soon became very interested when I walked in to the XAN house, all the girls were so excited to have us there and involved us in all activities. As rush went on I met so many Kianu girls that you could just tell were genuine and loyal. I still didn't know whether I wanted to pledge or not until final parties came around. When they read the letter to me, I knew this is where I could see myself. The girls at Chi Alpha Nu are now some of my best friends and pledging isn't even over yet! I am so happy to say that I am a pledge and future active of Chi Alpha Nu!

Hanna Rose '14

Hometown: Brookville Ohio... which is around the Dayton area.
Hobbies: I play volleyball here at Muskingum and I like to hang out with my friends and sisters!
Major: Planning to major in early childhood and maybe special education also.
I chose Kianu mainly because I felt so comfortable around all the girls. I was able to be myself and just relax walking into the house. I am so glad I made the right choice! :)

Krystine Schillinger '14

Hometown: Gambier, OH
Hobbies: I like to work out when I can and hang out with friends and relax.
Major: Nursing and minoring in Spanish and maybe psychology
I pledged Kianu because when I'm there, I feel wanted. I love the people there and I know it is a very supportive group who will influence me in a lot of different ways.

Kristen Semler '13

Hometown: Yellow Springs
Hobbies: I love photography! My high school was lucky enough to have the facility where we could actually develop our own film and had access to a dark room. Ever since my 8th grade year, I have absolutely loved it. I live on a dairy farm, so I love to be at home with all my family and the cows haha. Besides that, I love just hanging out with friends and having a good time with whatever it is that we do.
Major: I am an Early Childhood Education Major with a minor in Psychology. I would love to move to one of Carolinas and teach there when I graduate.

I had never seen myself as a "sorority type" of girl, but when I came to Muskingum, the Kianus were some of the first people I met and I loved them. I didn't pledge last year because I was too nervous with it still being my first year, but I knew I had to this year. After the final party of rush week, my mind was made up. I knew that if I could walk into a room filled with thirty some other girls and be accepted by each and every one of them, I knew Kianu was the right place for me. I am so happy with the decision that I made!

Sarah Sycks '13

I am from Columbus. I am a sophomore English Education major. I paint and read in my spare time.

I joined Kianu because it felt like the right fit for me. Every time I entered the house I felt welcomed by every single one of the actives.

Taylor Wurthman '13

Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio
Hobbies: Running, cheerleading, photography & scrapbooking, hiking, hanging out with my best friends "the stoop crew", hanging out with my boyfriend Brendon, modeling, and traveling.
Major: Criminal Justice. Minor: Spanish and I may be adding philosophy as a minor or psychology as a second major
When you go through rush, every club tells you that you will just have that gut feeling of which club you should rush up the hill to. Every time I heard it, I didn't really believe them. But, like they said, three days into rushing, I knew Kianu was the place for me. Every girl in Kianu is so different, but the best part about it is we all click. Kianu girls remind me of the movie or book Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. Each person is unique, but we all "fit" into Kianu perfectly. Kianu felt like a second home to me, where I could be myself. So on "Christmas," I put Kianu as my first choice.

Morgan Yackey '13

Hometown: Newland, North Carolina
Hobbies: softball and hanging out with friends
Major: psychology
I pledged Kianu because I wanted a wider friend base than I already have and because of the family tradition we have in my family for being a Kianu. I am now the sixth girl in my family to pledge Kianu.

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