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arrowKianu 2010 Pledge Class (February 2010)

2010 pledge class
The 2010 Pledge Class at Informal Activation

Welcome to our new pledge sisters!

Alexis Allen '12

Hometown: Worthington, Ohio
Hobbies: going out with my friends, listening to music, and doing anything random and fun
Major: political science (and I might also get a business major)
I pledged Kianu for a couple reasons. Both of my parents went to Muskingum. My dad was in Kappa Sigma (Joseph Allen) and my mom was in Kianu (Connie Paisley Allen). I also just knew so many of the actives and loved them all before I pledged. It just seemed like something great that I really wanted to be a part of.

Chelsea Blaine '13

Hometown: Upper Arlington, Ohio
Hobbies: Lacrosse, Cross Country, Outdoors, Music, Shopping, and Family
Major: Child and Family Studies

I pledged Kianu because I thought it was the right fit for me. I felt comfortable around all the girls and knew it would be the right sorority for me.

Colleen Blair '13

Hometown: Philadelphia PA
Hobbies: Spending time with my family, movies, Relay for Life, community service, shopping, music, traveling, playing basketball, hanging out with my sisters
Major: Early Childhood Education, Special Education, maybe a minor in Psychology
I pledged Kianu because I felt at home when I first entered the house. Even before I rushed when I was the house I felt a part of them because they wanted to hang out. There was so much positive energy and I knew that I could see myself hanging out with them on a daily basis. I could not be any happier with my decision. The girls of Kianu are great and I am thankful to have them in my life. I have sisters that I know I can count on any time to be there for me.

Nikki Durbin '13

Hometown: Norton, Ohio
Hobbies: Community Service (Habitat For Humanity), music, boyfriend (James), Family, school, soccer, crafts, shopping, shoes, just hanging out with everyone!
Major: Nursing hopefully with a minor in psych
I pledged here because ever since the first week here these girls were the most open and friendly to me. They were the only sorority that invited me personally to everything. I just always feel so at home with these girls :)

Elisa Feathers '13

Hometown: West Milton, Ohio
Hobbies: soccer, singing, dancing, shopping, sports, hanging out with friends, my family
Major: nursing with a psychology minor
I pledged Kianu because at every rush party they made me feel so welcome and they were so nice. They always seemed to be having fun and you could tell they all loved each other. I'm so happy to call each and every single one of them my sister.

Mindy McDorman '13

Hometown: West Lafayette, Ohio
Hobbies: Hang out with my roommate Kate Riley and friends, having fun, playing volleyball for Muskingum University (I love sports- that is pretty much my life) and hanging out with my lovely pledge sisters
Major: Business

I pledged Kianu because I felt that I could be myself and everyone would love me anyway. I loved all the girls when I met some of them my first semester of college. The Kianu House felt like home for me when I walked in the first time and I wanted to have close friends and sisters.

Olivia Maniaci '13

Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio
Hobbies: Varsity cheerleading, working out, hanging out with my pledge sisters and friends, and family.
Major: Undecided
I pledged Kianu because I loved all the current members and I felt that their values and morals were the most similar to mine.

Bree Murdock '11

Hometown: Bellefontaine, Ohio
Hobbies: Sleeping, eating, watching TV (that's all I have time for)
Major: Middle education, math and science
I wasn't sure that I wanted to pledge until the Friday of rush. I felt like everyone wanted me here, even people that I didn't know. Also, I believe in signs and I had a few (haha). I also needed good constant female friends.

Katie Parnell '12

Hometown: Lexington, Ohio
Hobbies: Sports, working out, being with my family and boyfriend, hanging out with my wonderful friends, swimming, being outdoors
Major: Psychology
I pledged Kianu because I loved all the girls and what they stood for. They made me feel so welcome and at home whenever I was around them. I could see the bond they all had and I knew I wanted to be a part of something like that. I felt like Kianu would be a family figure for me at school and since I am so close to my family I really needed something like that. I just knew overall it would be a great decision. =)

Kate Riley '13

Hometown: Zanesville, Ohio
Hobbies: 4H, Family, God, Church, My sisters, Hanging out with friends, Boyfriend (Matt), Guitar, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, VS PINK, Music, Movies, Summer, Traveling.
Major: Biology/Pre-Vet
I pledged Kianu because my mom was a Kianu (Maureen Hill-Riley '90). She loved it and told me it was a great way to make close friends. I went to a few activities last semester and got to know a few of the actives and learned that some of us had a lot more in common than I would have guessed. I also wanted to make close friends and meet girls that I could count on even after graduating college. I'm so excited for the experience and getting to know all of my sisters better. I fell in love with Kianu because every time I walked into the house it just felt like home. I loved how friendly/caring/welcoming all of the girls were. I feel that this sorority is the ultimate best for me and I'm looking forward to becoming an active.

Riley Kianus

Mom Maureen '91 (right) after lettering daughter Kate '13 (left) on Pledge Day

Nicole Shuck '12

I am from New Albany. I love to play softball, I play the guitar, and I love going to the movies and hanging out with friends. My current major is sociology but I am thinking about double majoring with Spanish. I chose to pledge Kianu because the first time I walked in the door I was swarmed with smiling faces and really nice girls. I felt like I was at home and that I could be myself around them. I have always felt welcome and accepted by the girls and I love it. Pledging Kianu has been a great choice for me and I am having a blast with it!

Kary Skelley '12

Hometown: Canton, Ohio
Hobbies: playing sports, traveling, being outdoors, and going to concerts!
Majors: Child & Family Studies and Psychology

I pledged because I was impressed and touched by the deep level of commitment to one another I saw among the sisters and the strong bond they maintain. I also appreciated their vast number of community service activities and their all and all classy presentation.

Kayla Vegas '13

Hometown: Austintown, Ohio
Hobbies: Family, 4H, Randy Scott (boyfriend), Reading, Gymnastics, Drawing, & peace, love & happiness
Major: Foreign Language (French, German, Arabic, Russian)

I pledged Kianu because when I met the girls on the first day of rush I automatically felt included and a part of club. It was a brand new life. The girls didn't know who I was but accepted me for who I am and that is what made me pick them. I knew I was at home when I was around them.

Rachel Watkins '13

Hometown: Granville, Ohio
Hobbies: Softball, volleyball, singing, family, friends, babysitting
Major: Early Childhood education, special ed, minor in psych

I pledged Kianu because the first time I walked in the house and met some of the girls they were so welcoming, friendly, and sweet! I felt like they truly cared about the sorority and took pride in what they did. I feel like it is another home where you have so many sisters to go to or count on in times of need. The girls are a great group and although there might be controversy at times, there is still a lot of love and respect. I love everything about Kianu and could not have made a better decision!

Ali Wiederhold '13

Hometown: Batavia, Ohio
Hobbies: I love hanging out with my friends and playing volleyball & soccer
Major: Early childhood/ Special Education

I pledged Kianu because my mom (Lori Clark Wiederhold ’83) was a Kianu and she told me nothing but wonderful stories about when she was a Kianu. I also got to meet a lot of the actives and as I got to know them I fell in love with who they were and what they stood for as a group. These girls made a great impression on me and they just accepted me for who I am and didn't expect or want me to be someone I'm not.

Courtiney Williams '11

Hometown: New Philadelphia, Ohio
Hobbies: Taking pictures, running, watching and playing all kinds of sports, watching movies, listening to music, spending time with family and friends, cheering ( I cheer at Muskingum), shopping
Major: Early Childhood Education, Minor: Psychology
I pledged Kianu because I knew many of the girls and felt at home and like I fit in with them. I knew they would have my back and support me in anything I do. I noticed they were a close group of girls, which is something I've always wanted. Many of these genuine girls share common interests with me. I knew if I wanted to do something, there would always be someone who would come along. During rushing, the Kianus made it a point to make me feel welcome and I was always talking to one of the actives (something the other sororities failed to do). I'm pledging right now and love it so far. I'm happy I chose the right sorority that so many women care so much for.


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