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Ali DeBold '08 (February 2008)
Kianu Active, Kianu House Manager, and MC Relay for Life co-chair




was never involved with Relay until I came to Muskingum & pledged Kianu. My Kianu twin, Molly Coleman, and Jessi Marshall brought Relay for Life to Muskingum my freshman year and all of the pledges decided to form a team. I had wanted to be a part of Relay and the American Cancer Society ever since my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer my senior year of high school and I thought that being a team captain would be a good way to get my foot in the door. My sophomore year I became more involved and joined the committee. Courtney Wenzel, another Kianu active, asked me to co-chair the event with her my junior year and I couldn't imagine turning it down. It was such an honor to be so involved with such a well respected organization. My mom was also diagnosed with ovarian cancer for the second time the summer before junior year and the only way to keep from feeling helpless was to throw myself into Relay and ACS. Chairing the event this year, my last year at Muskingum, was the logical next step in my Relay process.

Last year was kind of an off year for Relay so my main goal this year is to involve more people, including faculty, parents, and alumni. I love to see Muskingum students walking the track at all hours but the more people involved, the more money raised. We also have a goal of raising $20,000 this year. Another goal is to continue the tradition of Kianu involvement in Relay.

I think that as House Manager I've learned to delegate tasks much more efficiently as well as realizing that I am much more of a neat-freak than I ever thought.

I KNOW that when I come back to Muskingum in 20 years the Kianu girls will still be the elite, classy girls on campus- the ones that the other girls look up to and want to be like. And I know that I will always be proud to call myself a Kianu.

Coming from a small country town, I knew that a big school wasn't for me. I was torn between Muskingum and Mount Union because they both had the small school, everyone knows everyone atmosphere. They were both close to home...just in case. But in the end, Muskingum won my heart. I had older friends that were already going to Muskingum and just seeing how much they loved it made me want to love it and call it home too.

Being a senior in the club, it is soooo unbelievably hard to choose just one favorite memory from a club that means so much so I'm not going to...I'm going to choose 4 of them. Pledge Day...every one that I have ever been a part of- from when I rushed the hill four years ago up until my senior year & last time I will stand on Stag Hill as an active. That day always brings together the club in a way that no other thing can and each time is it Priceless.

My favorite non-Kianu memory would have to be walking the survivors lap at Relay for Life here at Muskingum with my mom and my grandpa the first year that she was in remission. I was so proud to be able to share that moment with her and my family and at the same time be surrounded by my friends & sisters (so I guess that is kind of a Kianu moment too)

Several of the first girls that I met on campus were Kianus and I knew from that point on that I wanted to be a Kianu. Rush was a confusing time for me, like it is for a lot of girls, but I knew that Kianu was supposed to be my home.

I wanted a close group of friends that I knew I could really count on-like the ones that I had from home- and I could definitely see that in Kianu. I also felt comfortable with the girls and loved that they were so well-respected and admired on campus.

The very first time I came to the house was with my future Big, Marianne, for the Ohio State-Michigan game. I didn't know any of the other girls there but they all made me feel completely welcome and at home there. Even though there was a huge rivalry between the girls over the game, I could tell that they were all so close and such good friends that I knew I had to be a part of it.

I honestly cannot pick just one. The ones that were older than me have shown me how a true Kianu acts and molded me into the Kianu that I am today and I will always look up to them. My pledge sisters and my senior class have been there through the good & bad times in my life & I couldn't imagine my life without them in it. And the younger Kianus have made my last years at Muskingum some of the most memorable that I have ever had.

I'm still pretty much undecided about the future. I hope to eventually become a pharmaceutical sales rep but I also want to stay involved with Relay and the American Cancer Society and possibly get a job with them after college.

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