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Alainna Amicone '06 (February 2007)
Kianu alumna

Alainna and HallieAlainna and Hallie: Pledge Day 2006

I would like to nominate my amazing big sister Alainna Amicone for this month’s “The Girl with the Arrow”. I met Alainna my senior year of high school when I came to Muskingum for a campus visit. I was then lucky enough to see Alainna on move-in day my freshman year of college. I was so excited to find out that she lived right down the hall from me! I got to know Alainna very well my freshman year because of living on the same floor with her. She was always so kind and welcomed me with open arms to Muskingum; she made me feel at home. I became even closer to her when I pledged Kianu the in the spring of my freshman year. When the night came to pick our bigs, she was the only person I could ever imagine having as my big sister. To this day, I am still the happiest “Lil Hal” alive because of my “Big Al”.


Alainna's familyAlainna's Family Picture: grandlittle Courtney Freeland, little Hallie Harmon, great grandlittle Elyse Schumacker, Alainna, and little Millicent Yackey

Alainna is that sweet petite little girl that EVERYBODY knows. She is always excited to see people and always puts others before herself. Alainna has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

Even though Alainna graduated last May, she still bleeds purple and gold. She was kind enough to open up The Fieldhouse (Sports and Wellness Center that Alainna's family owns) for the Kianus after hours in November so we were able to have a night of fun/bonding time with our sisters. It was so much fun, we played games, went swimming, spent time together, and of course ate lots of great food. We were able to do all of this because of Alainna. Currently Alainna works three jobs and has very little free time, but because her heart is so big and she loves to help others out, she is currently helping a family with a daughter also by the name of Ellayna. Ellayna has a rare disease and needs a significant amount of money to fly her and her family to the Netherlands for medical treatment. Alainna has been active in helping this family out with many things including helping them to raise the funds they need to help save little Ellayna’s life.


Kimi and MollyHallie and Alainna

Alainna even thought of us at Christmas time, she sent us a thoughtful card and a HUGE box of candy for the whole Kianu club. I still to this day remember sitting in a meeting around Christmas time and Alainna telling us that we should not abbreviate the word Christmas with X-mas because that takes away the meaning. Christmas has the word Christ in it and it is there for a reason because we are celebrating Him during the holidays. Since that day, I have never abbreviated Christmas.

My big Al is a true role model and someone that I can only hope to become one day. She is thoughtful, caring, my big sister, my best friend, and someone I look up to every single day.

I love you big,
Your Lil’ Hal
~Hallie Harmon '07

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Last Update: February 2007