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Girl with the Arrow

Stephanie Flammang (February 2004)
Kianu Active- Class of 2004
Two people sent in separate nominations for Stephanie, both are profiled here.


Stephanie and AlainnaStephanie and Alainna
I would like to nominate Steph Flammang for the Girl with the Arrow award. Steph is the type of person that pretty much anyone and everyone can talk to about whatever it is on their mind. After pledging last year I didn’t really expect to become all that close to anyone one but those in my pledge class, but thanks to Steph I have become so much closer to so many people. Steph is the type of person that people go to and can talk and laugh for hours about certain things, and yet in the next breath have a serious deep conversation about more serious things going on in their lives. Just tonight I was sitting with a pledge sister and we were saying how much we are going to miss our seniors of 2004, but most of all I will miss Steph. People come and go... from boys to friends, but I know that Steph will be there whenever anyone needs her! To me that is why she is a perfect person for the Girl with the Arrow.

Luv n XAN n Mine,
Alainna Amicone '06

I would like to nominate a very deserving individual for this month's "Girl With The Arrow" - Stephanie Flammang. For those of you who know Steph, she's one of those girls who can just bring a smile to your face along with many other Kianus. And for those of you who don't, I feel sorry for you - (Just Kidding!) =) Her personality and outgoing attitude totally reflect our club and what we're all about. She can light up a room. Stephanie has such a strong impact on our club and each and every one of us. There is nothing that she wouldn't do for another. I'm so very fortunate to have a met Steph and to have later become one of her sisters. There's no question about it that Steph will always hold a special memory in my heart. Along with the rest of the XAN Seniors leaving next year, she is one that I'm definitely going to be sad to see go~! This one's for you Steph..."Heyyyy!" ~ Just one of her MANY specialties!

Love in XAN & Especially Mine,
Vanessa Panepucci '05

If you would like to nominate someone for this profile (active or alumna), please e-mail ruthcseaman(at)gmail(dot)com with your selection. Changes are made as nominations are received.

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Last Update: February 2004