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Interviews with Kianu Alumnae from the 1960s (August 2005)

Kianus: to read the unedited versions of these interviews, please log into the sisters only section of the website (, then click on the "extra info" link on the left hand side. Email questions to .

Joan (Loudon) Perkins '62
Daryl (Sobehart) Ransom '62
Marilynn (Klostermeyer) Murrell '62
Marty (Brouwer) Grant '62
Phyl (Knapper) Ross '62
Sally (Steinhauer) Gripman '62
Liz (Leitch) Bonkowsky '62
Jan (Beahm) Feltz '68
Gwen (Beard) Turnbull '68
Lee (Bacon) Williams '68

Earlier this year, eight women from the class of 1962 got together for the second of many annual reunions. The women, who live in Florida, South Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, Arizona, California, and Pennsylvania, met at Phyl Ross's house in PA where they had the adventure they entitled, "We're in a Truck! We can go anywhere!", which they sent to the XAN listserv. If you're not signed up for the listserv, you can sign up and view their adventure there. Many of those same women are profiled this month.

1962 reunion picture
Picture from class of 1962 reunion in Washington D.C. (April 2004):
First row: Phyl (Knapper) Ross, Daryl (Sobehart) Ransom, Joan (Loudon) Perkins
Second row: Sue (Faris) Shadley, Marty (Brouwer) Grant, Sally (Steinhauer) Gripman, Marianne (Jackson) Uschelbec

1962 Graduates

1962 Seniors
Class of 1962, right before graduation:
First row: Janet Driggs, Phyl Knapper, Liz Leitch
Second row: Barb Hughes, Daryl Sobehart, Marianne Jackson, Kathy Rowand
Third row: Marty Brouwer, Janie Gensbigler, Willy Will Karcher, Joan Loudon
Fourth row: Marilynn Phillips, Janet Skuce Cooper, Sally Steinhauer, Hedy Iseman Moore

Class of 1962, above photo recreation, 40 years later...

1968 Graduates

This group of women from 1968 included this note with their response: "We 8 XANS have met for a fun filled weekend for the past 4 years and for some, many more than that. We call our getting together a Zansfest (we have taken the liberty of adding a name which does fit the current group......simply go from XANs to the new model.....ZANS!). We come from various states but rendezvous at one home. This year the fest will be at (Jan Feltz's) home in Chadds Ford, PA. Need we say what a wild and crazy and fun time is had."

Class of 1968
Class of 1968 (taken during pledging 1965):
Jan Feltz is in the third row from the bottom, second from the left, while Kathy Mertler Lynch is in the same row, second from the right. Lee Williams is second row from the bottom, far left (plaid jumper). Gwen Turnbull not pictured.

Thanks to all the women from 1962 and 1968 who participated in this interview! Next summer we will profile alumnae from the 1970s.

If you would like to nominate someone for this profile (active or alumna), please e-mail ruthcseaman(at)gmail(dot)com with your selection. Changes are made as nominations are received.

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Last Update: August 2005