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Girl with the Arrow

Sarah Hughes (April 2006)
Kianu Active- Class of 2007


Sarah was independently nominated by two people. Both nominations are below.

Amy and SarahAmy and Sarah

I would like to nominate junior active Sarah Hughes for this month’s “The Girl With the Arrow”. Sarah and I met while pledging Kianu our freshman year and she has since become the very best friend that any college girl could ask for. Sarah possesses so many great qualities that I admire. She is a very strong, independent, loving, kind, and a caring person with a huge heart who has so much potential in her life. She is always there when you need her in times of trouble or celebration, to give you a pat on the back or a shoulder to cry on, she is there no matter what.

Being the pledge educator this year, she has had the chance to instill these great qualities on our pledges. Sarah is able to tackle school work, classes, education field experience hours, and working as a Muskie track trainer, all while being a 24 hour a day “Mom” to the most amazing and beautiful pledges.

Sarah deserves this honor for all the hard work and dedication she has put into Kianu over the last two years, and especially these past couple of months. I can’t say it enough, Sarah, thanks for being an absolutely amazing friend, a caring sister to many, and the best “Mom” our pledges could have ever asked for. And remember… “Friends are Friends Forever” and there are so many more crazy memories of our friendship to come. Cheers to 21 years on the 1st, Sarah!

Love In XAN and Mine,
Amy Currier '07

Note: this nomination was written in February for March, when the new actives were still pledge sisters. Sarah's birthday was last month.

Sarah and Maggie

Who is my "Girl with the Arrow”? Sarah Hughes. She deserves to be recognized not only for her love of Kianu but also for her dedication to the club. If it were not for Sarah I wouldn’t be a Kianu. Sarah and I meet our freshman year when our parents left us in our small room of Memorial’s third floor. That year was an interesting one. Neither of us have a sister; but by the end of that year she was the closest I have ever had. Sarah pledged Kianu that spring (a good choice for a girl who would tell anyone within earshot that her favorite colors were purple and yellow) and I stayed independent. I didn’t understand the Greek community, and I was honestly quite against the whole pledging process. I saw it as a fast ticket to losing my independence. I did not know if our friendship would remain through out that spring semester. For any of you who have ever pledged and had an independent roommate you know what we went through. I don’t think Sarah realizes what she did for me through that time. Instead of pushing me away, she kept me as close as she could. She introduced me to all of her Kianu sisters, and encouraged me to hang out with them. This quickly made me jealous and regretful that I did not pledge.

Sarah and Maggie

The following year I had the privilege to pledge Kianu. Once again Sarah and I were in a tough spot. The Assistant Pledge Educator and a pledge were roommates. I was left wondering if our friendship would see it through. I remember thinking that this girl is not the Sarah I know. You better believe I told her too. We both made it through and I can’t image my life without Kianu.

That brings me to this year. We all say that pledging was the best time of our life but something we would never do again. It is something Sarah has chosen to do three times. It is something that she has done 110 percent this year. She has amazed me and reminded me of freshman year Sarah. She has led this pledge class in shaky time for all Greeks, especially Kianu. I feel safe to say that even though our girls have not hit a bump yet, it will not happen. (Note: this nomination was written in February, when the new actives were still pledge sisters.) Sarah is reliving pledging all over again. I know it is her position and that she chose to do this, but she has put her heart and soul into the pledge class of 2006. She has lifted me up in times that I question why I became a Kianu. She is carrying Kianu on her shoulders right now. She has spent hours planning, paid careful attention to detail, and has been one-step ahead of student life. She has dealt with Actives who have conflicting schedules and spent hours in pledge meetings. Not only that, but she is truly showing our pledges what Kianu is all about. She is teaching them sisterhood, respect, and accountability. She is the hand that is molding Kianu future. I can think of no better candidate this month than Sarah Hughes, 2006 Pledge Educator, and my best friend.

Love in XAN and Mine,
Margaret Kline '07

If you would like to nominate someone for this profile (active or alumna), please e-mail ruthcseaman(at)gmail(dot)com with your selection. Changes are made as nominations are received.

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