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Abigail Shipley '10 (August 2009)
Kianu active


Gearing up for my final semester at Muskingum (I’m graduating early in December!) I have been thinking a lot about my college experience. I have achieved a lot, and grown so much as an individual that I wouldn’t even recognize my old high school self. I always say that Muskingum is this little oasis that protects its students from the outside crazy world, and as my days pass by and I realize that soon my little oasis will be ancient history I am sad yet hopeful leaving it. One of my crowning achievements while basking in the greatness that is Muskingum, among many I might add ;) is being apart of Chi Alpha Nu.

Abigail and TarynAbigail and Taryn their freshman year

I pledged my freshman year without knowing any of my sisters before doing so. When I rushed Stag hill I looked around at my pledge sisters and thought “who are all these people?” After a few days of pledging these girls who before had been strangers became my life support. I learned to voice my anger to them, and cry with them. I got close with a lot of the girls in my pledge class, but no one came close to my bond with Abigail Shipley. I was intrigued by her at first, she is short with blonde hair and big blue eyes, but don’t let that fool you. She loved having a good time, and had a ‘live life to the fullest’ attitude, and if anyone got in her way you better look out. Since freshman year our bond has grown to a friendship that I cannot describe in words, something that one must see firsthand. We have been there through the good, the bad, and the ugly. She always knows what to say when I’m crying, she can always make me laugh, and forever put a smile on my face when she enters a room. She is an excellent student, and works hard for her goal of becoming a middle school teacher, even though some of her students will be taller than her, which I find hilarious.

Taryn and Abigail Taryn and Abigail their junior year

Abigail is a rare find in a friend and a sister. She comes from a large family, three sisters and two brothers, yet she still has some room left in her heart to love me like family. She is the first person I go to when I have a crowning achievement (like I said there’s many :), when I need a good laugh, when I need someone to consume adult beverages with (which isn’t often at all!), to talk about boys, to talk about family, and especially when I need someone to dry my tears. Above all Abigail is my best, most amazing, caring, fun loving, smart, (add in another sweet adjective here) friend and sister a girl could ask for. When I told her that I decided to graduate early she was devastated claiming that her senior year wouldn’t be complete without me second semester. I wasn’t quite sure what to say to that, “sorry” didn’t really fit the bill. Now that the beginning of the end of my life at Muskingum is just a few weeks away I know what to say. Just because my little oasis called Muskingum is going to be over doesn’t mean my friendship and sisterhood ends with it. I will be old and presumably senile, and still telling Abigail that she looks good in her flower print top, even though I find it ridiculously ugly, but that’s what friends/sisters are for right?

Love in XAN and especially mine,

Taryn Pinnick aka PP (December '09)

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Last Update: August 2009